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Brugmansia in Australia - Spring 2012

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Hi all, as requested a new thread.

Here is Chrissy's 'Twilight Time'.

Previous thread:

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
NW Sydney NSW, Australia

A quick tidy up here at home after the gale yesterday, then off to pick up pots at the "nursery".
Here are a few pics of our brugs there coming on in 300mm pots.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Merino, Australia

Wayne, I am so glad you posted the pics of your brugs in the " nursery ". Now I can see that all mine look normal.
I was thinking they were a bit leggy because of my colder climate .
This winter they have lost hardly any leaves at all here. Some yellowing due to the cold and lack of sun, but they are greening back up quickly.

It looks like better weather here today so I will move a few so they have more room.
I had them closer together during winter so they would protect each other.
The only thing I find is that even though there has been plenty of rain, the larger leaves stop a lot of it getting on the pots.
I had to water a few during the winter.

Looking forward to seeing more of yours in flower.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Wayne these plants are looking good even tho they have been beaten around with the weather.

TT is a stunner there Wayne

It's Saturday and im of to work it looks like its going to be a cold day here in Melbourne with rain predicted for the whole day, ENJOY every one

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Brisbane, Australia

Wayne.. The nursery plants looking good. Are they named cultivars or seedlings? I have a couple of buds now on Tintarella so should have my first blooms soon.
Our temps are warming up here in Brisbane so Spring has definitely arrived, but would love some rain(nothing in the rain gauge for 51 days)

Sydney, Australia

Thankyou Wayne ^_^ My sticks look like yours , so like Jean I feel much better about mine too. Your sticks look good ! ^_^. Lots of exciting Brugs yet to see in those. Whoopee !

I hope your day won't be too nasty Shaun.

Allan can't wait to see how Tintarella does for you up there.

I have visitors here so will be beck after they leave,I hope everyone is enjoying their day.


NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Allan, the potted plants are all seedlings. Here is a list of what I have in the nursery.
Brugmansia seedlings (300mm pots)

Glass House Angel x Butter Bomb (1) Chrissy
Old Apricot x Butter Bomb (3) Chrissy
Aurea (Anne) x noid (4) Flora
Old Apricot x noid (5, including working name, Bowden Brae, an elegant, single white with long, upward pointing tips).
Knightii (Melb) x Old Apricot (6) Cestrum
Knightii x Ecuador Pink (4) Cestrum
Musketeer x Fernando (4, Allan, including working name Frilly Dilly, an elegant, single white with long, upward pointing tips).
Old Apricot x Fernando (6) Allan
Bucks Fizz x noid (3, two of which have bloomed single pink) Flora
Knightii x noid (1) Cestrum

Joli x Double Dark Rosetta (2) Edna
Superspot x Berkonigin (pod no.2) (3) Edna
Knightii (Ipswich) x Big Floppy Apricot (4) BFA + Joli x Angles Flight Cestrum
Mea Culpa x Alphonse Mucha (4) Flora
Clementine x noid (11) Flora

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Wayne all if those look exciting and I'm sure just like you we are all waiting on our 2011 seedlings to bloom but that will have to wait till the weather gets better these growing seasons

I am wondering if any one has aurea (Anne) to add to the collection of aurea's to see if it is one that is in our collection already ???

Good luck wayne

Sydney, Australia

Making Coffee for my guests ...jumped in for a quick look.
How exciting ! Wayne they will be so nailbitingly fabulous to watch ! (clapping hands) ...
Shaun I am sure you have it already ...pretty sure we all do, under various names but basically Aurea.
See you later ^_^


West of Brisbane, Australia

Very exciting, Wayne. And they don't take up a such a lot of space and aren't in huge pots either.
I see that two of your Bucks Fizz x NOID seedlings have produced pinks, so can't wait for my BF crosses to bloom for the first time to see if I might get a pink suaveolens-type bloom too. (I don't have a pink in that shape--no, no, I don't want a cutting LOL--but would like to breed one of my own.) Of course, I don't have the same collection of brugs that you do (and much fewer back then) so there's a good chance that I'll get creams and whites from the first batch that bloom for me, but fingers crossed that later crosses will yield something that tickles my fancy.
Of course I'm curious about the knightii crosses! Wonder if the ones with BFA (overseas cross) will produce markedly different seedlings from those with OA (our Aussie stalwart) as the pollen donor?
Agree with Chrissy about the likelihood of the same aureas appearing under a host of different names.

Nothing new to show that's brugmansia-related, so here instead are two of my C. elegans, pink(ish) and purple(ish) flowering together for the first time.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
NW Sydney NSW, Australia

The nursery plants are a bit knocked around at present - typical post winter condition. They will come back with the warmer weather. I did a bit of repotting and topping up soil today. The pots tend to wash out a bit. Also a good dose of Dynamic Lifter.

Shaun, my "Anne" aurea is the plant that was sold by Yamina Rare Plants as B. aurea. I simply "named" it Anne, as it is growing in my sister's garden.

Cestrum, the first batch (10) of 'Bucks Fizz' x noid that I grew a few years back, all turned out white. The 2010 batch of 5, threw two pinks! Both of these, in pots have freely set to produce a pod each! I have not had the heart to whip the pods off, as I have no intention of growing seed from them.

Allan, thanks for the update on 'Tintarella'. We have had a flush already on the mother plant here! I do hope that it does well for you. It is a fun little thing with a great scent (honey/almond). Fun also in that it's heritage is 'Glass House Angel' (from Jean) x 'Butter Bomb' (Alistair) pollinated by Chrissy and grown by me! :)

Jean are you OK for a cutting now, or do you want to wait until it gets a bit warmer?

'Tintarella' pic.

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Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Clifton Springs, Australia

Wayne, Alistair said that the Aurea sold by Yamina was the nearest to Goldenes Kornett that we have in Australia, he recommended it, so it's worthwhile having...

I remember a couple of years ago you posted a very nice pic of it.....
Shaun does have it, but seeing he's probably cutting someone's hair at the minute I'll answer for

I'll be interested to see Bowden Brae when It flowers's going to be an amazing year in our gardens...

Merino, Australia

Any time thank you Wayne.
Most of my brugs havent noticed they have been through a very cold winter and are all leafing madly. Any cuttings should take off quickly now.
I usually keep them in the greenhouse for while anyway. until I see definite signs of leave s& roots.
Then out they go to be big brave brugs in my rough world.

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

This might be the pic Dianne - Yamina aurea ('Old Apricot' behind).
We dug this out a few weeks ago to make way for a new "pink" of mine, working name 'Naomi'.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Fine Jean. Could you Dmail me your postal address please? Thanks.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Thank you guys for the answer to Aurea (Anne) so most of us have it and we have quite alot of aurea's
Question what are you all calling Aurea (yamina)?????
This is how I have it in my collection as Yamina

Clifton Springs, Australia

Not that one, Wayne, though it's very nice especially with OA showing off behind far as I can remember it was in your sister's garden and you remarked how her neighbours admired was a while ago....
It was in full flush, I'm sure...
Now you've peaked my curiosity with 'Naomi'... :-)

Clifton Springs, Australia

I think that only you and Wayne have the Aurea from Yamina as far as I know, Shaun.....unless either of you have given it away....
Wayne called his Anne for his sister, so I guess if you called it 'Yamina Anne' you would have it covered...

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Quote from Seachanger :
I think that only you and Wayne have the Aurea from Yamina as far as I know, Shaun.....unless either of you have given it away....
Wayne called his Anne for his sister, so I guess if you called it 'Yamina Anne' you would have it covered...

Apologies for any confusion! Yes, this is the Yamina plant. I no longer have it, and no longer want it. :) I did post some to Chrissy some years back - probably just labeled it as "Sister Anne". :)

Dianne, the plant you are thinking of is the one Alistair once had listed as 'Goldens Kornett' when he had the nursery, Meroo Meadow Perennials. It is a fab plant! We have a giant clump of it growing up in the back corner of or block. Shaun, you have this plant also.

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

>Now you've peaked my curiosity with 'Naomi'... :-)< Dianne.

'Bucks Fizz' x noid.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Clifton Springs, Australia

This is getting confusing, lol
But Alistair advised me in a BGI post back in March, to get the Yamina aurea,

He said.
"Dianne, Yamina Rare Plants have a very robust aurea. Seems to be similar/identical to GK. Well worth getting. I'd offer a cutting, but I no longer have it!
I have just been collecting aureas around Bogota, and a lot look like GK with that excellent foliage! Similar flowers in white cream yellow and orange. "

Anyway, Shaun, you probably have all of the best ones including the Yamina...........

Wayne, that's a very attractive pink, lovely corolla tips...
All of the cuttings and seedlings are growing furiously at the moment, so it's a great time for us..

Sydney, Australia

'Naomi' is lovely Wayne ! I have the other Buck's Fizz pink cutting of yours starting to bounce back up, whew I thought I had lost it.
It died right back after the frosty mornings but here it comes back from below. Looking forward to meeting her, I think it is so exciting to know that Buck's Fizz can "allow" pink to come through in it's Brug babies.

I wouldn't say mine are growing furiously yet, but they are in ready -set- go mode ^_^
Better get out there before any more visitors turn up, so much screaming to be done.
I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day.


Sydney, Australia

oops I forgot something ...remember when Ivoire and Tintarella where both blooming in Winter ? er I found three little pods growing on Ivoire ...the plant is very young to be a mother but fingers crossed ! ^_^

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

thank you for the info Wayne &Dianne, My aurea from Alistair which i have coined aurea (form) after i had a chat with Alistair and he had miss named it which was Golden Kornet i also bought from him in 2006

Wayne Naomi is a very cute looking Bloom Stunning

not much happening here other then seeds popping every day in about 20 different sweat boxes and have a new 1 which the gardener had offered to me it holds 6 trays and is about 30-40 cm tall made of fibreglass going out so it will be cleaned up and used for the rest of my seeds that are slower to germinate.

Off to the Ferny Creek Hort Society gender opening today to see what is around and hopefully to get a TREASURE

Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy, I forgot to warn you...Ivoire is very much like Pink Panther in that respect.....anywhere, anytime, seems to be it's motto, I'm always taking them off....
That sounds like a very nice cross with Tintarella, hope they stay on....
The sun is out, hooray...

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Two different plants Dianne - one which some years back was sold as GK (MMP), the other, a plant which is as close as you can get to GK (Yamina).

Here are some pics of another pink from 'Bucks Fizz' x noid. Much smaller tips and much lighter in shade to its sibling. However, a prolific bloomer!

Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter
West of Brisbane, Australia

Isn't it interesting how those two BFxNOID seedlings have different-shaped blooms? The second one is much more suaveolens in style. Very pretty, both of them. And Tintarella is an absolute charmer! Tintarella, Ivoire and Shaun's dwarf pink: very similar type of aurea flowers, petite and very pretty.

Here's an unnamed yellow/gold I saw at an Open Garden today. Don't know anything about its history and of course it had no scent during the day. All I know is that it's short (maybe a metre high) and has apparently never grown taller than that. Not bushy either, a bit spindly in fact, but as it's been so dry and warm these past few weeks it's hard to tell whether it's naturally spindly or just reacting to the climate. And no, they didn't have it for sale LOL

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Sydney, Australia

Hard to tell what it is from that cestrum, was it a good open day ? see anything interesting ?

As to the different shapes from the same crosses ...well we know from the data bank how variable the Brugs can be. If you look though some seem to have stronger influences on their babies than others.

Wayne that's the one I have from you ...(I call it Pink Buck's Fizz in my head until/or if, you give it a working name.)


Sydney, Australia

Ooops Dianne no warning required ...both parents very very fertile, so I thought Ivoire would be fertile too, just surprised at seed pods set in Winter (we did have some sun on those few days.) Crikey we will need little Brug chastity belts soon !.


NW Sydney NSW, Australia

I think Chrissy we talked about a working name for that "pink" as 'Pink Champagne' - a play on 'Bucks Fizz' being orange juice and Champagne. :)
I hope it does OK for you.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
West of Brisbane, Australia

I saw a handful of brugmansias but the only one I could identify was a mature knightii. There was also one pink but as it had only a single tattered pink bloom, I couldn't identify it. Plus a couple of others without any blooms and none of them had labels. There were an amazing number of pink dombeyas, sadly past their flowering prime, and one large red-flowered one which I assume is D. cacuminum. Lots of orchids including some lovely pink ones in hanging baskets growing under a wisteria-covered arbour. Lots of bromeliads including this large golden one. There's an orangey-apricot poinsettia to its left, too.

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Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Merino, Australia

Maybe I could start a new eBay store... Bruggies undies.......
What with bras for Diane's and chastity belts for yours

I could start a whole new trend in plant accessories....

Just been out in the sun...lovely.....
I repotted dwarf Pink 'n'Green and aurea ( form ) into larger pots.. They are now happily sitting next to GHA as the start of my aurea walk.
I still have to find a place for a large 4' flowering cutting from GHA ..I still cannot understand why I planted it months ago.
As if I dont have enough of him around.. I just cant resist poking healthy bits from any plants into the ground .

I am resting now and will do more tomorrow.
I have been stockpiling bags of potting mix as I am going to need a lot over spring.
Next in the repotting line are Ivoire. and 2 more aureas. Cant remember which now. I think one is from Lucas
I am not going out to check tags.

I also got busy this morning and planted out my onions and leeks.
Can someone explain to my forgetful brain that one does NOT plant the whole packet of onion seeds.
Looks like I will be selling onion seedlings at the T&T too.

Better go make a cuppa.

Sydney, Australia

'Pink Champagne' it is Wayne ...just making sure ! I think it will be a good parent to a whole new line.

Sounds lovely cestrum, pity the weather has wrecked some blooms ...never thought I would be asking for rain again.
Love the sound of an orangey-apricot poinsettia.

Why not sell brug undies Jean ? I like those sheer ones Al has on his.
Yes I always over plant, we don't need as much any more But I always forget. All of our rellies do too ! better too much than not enough. You want 1000 veggie recipes?


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Jean if all of them are in pots and labels go astray i would recomend Liquid paper pens i have post that i wrote on over 10y ago and they are still legible so this is a way to keep track of them.
Cestrum what a sham you could not ID them i do under stand that tatered is bad for Id-ing.
Wayne i do remember you talking about 'Pink Champagne' a while a go very pretty

I was up in the Dandenongs and stopped in 3 places 1: Ferny Creek Hort Society. 2: Clourhill Nrsy, 3: Gentiana Nrsy bought from all Salvia's Dog Tooth violets, Aroides, Poppies & fritt's.
I also saw my old Employer who is also looking at selling Brugs i offered my Bolg and they said yes, They bought from 1 of the Ebay sellers that have wrong names on all of them, They also knew that so im writing to them and seeing what deals we can make!

Got home and potted up about 100 cuttings of Brugs took about 2 hours.

Thanks Chrissy for your help

Merino, Australia

Sorry, Shaun, I should have been in what I said.
I have good labels but was just too lazy to go out and check the names.

I use plastic labels in the pots plus all brugs have a lock type tree tag on them with name in paint pen.
Name never likely to wear off for years.

Sounds like you had a great buyng day.
Lots of new plants.
Where in the world do you fit 100 brug cuttings ?

Wayne, Pink Champagne sounds a lovely name and appropriate as you say. .

I am still watching Hyacinth here. Talk about slow in this weather.
Maybe I should cross her with GHA to get buds that will open a bit faster.

Sydney, Australia

Mrs Bucket er um Hyacinth Bouquet just does not want to know here, maybe she does not like my Brug Factory in the Bush probably too common for her highness lol.No doubt she would prefer a Prim and Proper Garden. That's ok, she can sulk away, guess who won't be going with me in a couple of years. Too bad she will miss out on prim and proper, up there on the mountain.

Thanks for the tip on liquid paper pens Shaun.

Now here is an idea for those of you who want to make some pocket money to buy more garden goodies, since many people are scared of trying to grow Brugs out them from seed but would like the thrill of a new Brug ...why not offer sturdy little seedlings. (with the names of the parents) ? make a label or picture with the parent plants pictures on them, explaining that the seedling will be a hybrid- along with growing instructions.

I would buy that, wouldn't you ? ...just think back to when you first started. Include a message to write down the details of the cross(and Hybridizer) explaining that if it is a really beautiful bloom, they may want to name it one day.
You can do that from home via the Ebay and or at the Markets or venue of choice.

Just a thought ^_^

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Jean the cuttings are all in 3" post i have them in trays under the mother plants where there is a bit of room about 3 feet so i can do about 3 trays of each for the short time any ways.

Chrissy im looking at selling via ebay & markets in the next few months and will only be selling Brugs and nothing else, the idea of the seedlings are a great idea but im scared that it could be the BLUE 1 i have sold as a seedling so i will not/never sell seedlings tho many of my hair dressing clients have asked why not and i have told them that they have not bloomed and i would not sell something i have not seen, it could be the worst plant ever but NO i could not do that to a potential customer.

Poor Mrs Buket she should just get her crap 2gether and bloom for you really she is only a commoner in the first place (not the brug) hahahahah SORRY

Chrissy the Liquid paper pen is amazing and works well never fails, and you can have the names in your face, Try it out

Brisbane, Australia

Chrissy... I have sold named brug plants on ebay, and have thought about selling small seedlings which have not yet bloomed but(like Shaun) I am a bit reluctant to do this. I think giving the seedlings away to friends may be the way to go.Your friends get to name them if the blooms are good enough but usually you can ask for a cutting back. I seem to remember(about 5 years ago) someone in West Australia offering a number of un-bloomed seedling plants for sale and they listed the names of the crosses. I assume these seedlings were grown from imported seeds. I was very keen to bid on these ebay items at the time but the seller removed them from sale before the end of the auction.

Sydney, Australia

I won't be selling Brugs, not on Ebay or anywhere ...but I know some of the people here do.When I saw one of the American gardeners selling seedlings due to a move, I would have loved to have snapped some of them up. Saves time and worry.

It made me think that it might be a good way to save people the worry of trying to get the seeds going. After all a seed does not guarantee an outcome either, but they are snapped up by people wanting that cross. You don't get mad at the Hybridizer if it isn't pretty.
I get -that serious breeders want to see what they are getting , I just thought the ordinary gardener would love the opportunity.
I can't tell you how many times I get " seeds don't do well for me , could I have cuttings please". Out of hundreds of seeds I have given away never seem to hear what happened to them, nor see any new ones around that may have come from them. (I am talking about the people that have asked me privately over the years as well as some here). I am sure I am not the only one.

It was just a thought bubble ^_^


Merino, Australia

Chrissy , the idea is good, but I myself would not sell brug seedlings on eBay or anywhere .
I sell epi plants sometimes but ALWAYS state that it is a noid if I havent had it bloom.
Epi cuttings are usually sold as a mixed lot of noids. .
The irises are either sold as named with MY bloom pics or as noids.
I have sold other plants at times but found that soft ones like brugs, dont travel well as seedlings.
Brug cuttings are always good through the mail.
The seedlings can travel if well packed but it all depends on where they go and the local PO.
Not something I am going to do anyway.
If and when I ever sell brugs it will be cuttings from plants that I have flowered and have pics of the blooms.
Just my thoughts, others may think differently.

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