Red Ginger

Twinsburg, OH

Anyone know where I can get a Red Ginger plant (Alpinia purpurata)? I'd like to try growing one as a houseplant since I'm in Cleveland, OH. I've called around to a few florists/greenhouses and can't find any place that carries them in the area, so I will probably have to order online. Just wondering if anyone has ordered one and had a good experience with it.


Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

I used the Plant Scout (here at Dave's Garden) to search for 'red ginger'. Plant Scout yielded 1 result: Florida Hill Nursery which advertises 4 varieties of red ginger (but not the specific cultivar to which your link points).
Plant Scout search result:
Florida Hill Nursery is also listed in the DG Garden Watchdog. Before ordering from them or any vendor, you should check them out in Garden Watchdog to see what others say about doing business with them.
GWD entry for Florida Hill Nursery:

I also found Red Ginger for sale at Amazon (3rd party vendor). Amazon also has a rating feedback system. This particular Amazon Vendor has a 5 star 98% satisfaction rating:

I also saw red ginger for sale on ebay. While I have had excellent success purchasing plants on ebay, it is something of a risk. By the time the plant blooms (allowing you to verify that it is what you wanted), that particular ebay merchant may be long gone. Best to choose a vendor with a high rating, although even that may be misleading when dealing with plants, since, there again, customers who left feedback probably had to do so long before the plant bloomed.

While I was looking around, I also found red ginger for sale at:

Botantical Gowers:
This company does have a Garden Watchdog entry:

Agriflora tropicals: which has several red ginger cultivars:
Note, however, that I know nothing about this vendor, and it does not appear to be listed in Garden Watchdog.

This appears to be something like ebay stores.

You can probably find additional vendors for this plant using google. Please note that I've not purchased from any of the specific vendors listed here. With a little luck, maybe someone else will come along who has purchased reg ginger and who will be able to give you better information and recommendations.

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