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The Sydney Rock Orchid ( Dendrobium Speciosum)

Newcastle(NSW), Australia(Zone 10a)

A friend has given me a s...load of the stem thingies, I think there are about 10 of them, all much taller than the pictures I have been looking at - been in too much shade? They are the pseudobulbs, they tell me. The newest one has flowered. I get that. They flower in spring. Don't water in winter.

Been looking at at where and how I should be placing them and the brain is starting to fry with all the details. I have a place to put them, I think. How to do it is pretty much getting away from me. Here is a place, down the eastern side of my house. One of those places that pretty much only gets the hot midday sun, but, the palms shade their bases at midday. Good ! Yes? Big rocks all around the bases.

I should place the"roots" on rocks on a mulch of dead leaves and cover same. Tie them to the palms, yes? What with? I thought of that wide brown cloth tape, what's it called - made of sacking - too many granny moments these days, driving me nuts. Leaves will NOT be a problem, always have lots. Hessian! That's what it was, had to go and ask my husband - no, it's OK, he's as bad as me, these days.

I started to upload some photos - bIg red cross on it - does that mean they are too big? I will go away and reduce them and I will put them in a separate post if I can't get back into this one with the photos.

Back soon, I hope.

Is anyone familiar enough with these to give me some simple advice? Too much info and the brain shrivels.

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Newcastle(NSW), Australia(Zone 10a)

Right! I got the little buggers reduced! I have downloaded an article about the SRO's, it's interpreting it correctly, that is usually the problem with me. Here it is:

Thats a bottomless pot they are sitting in. I picked up in the last council collection. I wanted it for the White and Kahili ginger plants I bought, to stop them spreading, but I got sick of waiting for the right pot to come along.

Yes I do have a lot of Native violet, would you like to see the pictures? No? Thought so.

Right! Off you go! I will expect expert and wonderful advice from all of you, not to mention, gossip, tea and cake! OK?

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Thumbnail by Gabi65 Thumbnail by Gabi65 Thumbnail by Gabi65
Merino, Australia

I have a very large dendrobium speciosum x delicatum , which looks just about the same except for the flowers having a lovely touch of mauve on the petals.
Mine grows in the space between 2 greenhouses under a bit of shadecloth.
It flowers every year and puts out many keikis ( the baby plants that grow from the main stems.
When these show white roots, just take them off for more plants .
I have enough of the plants around so usually ignore any new babies.
My large plant sits on a few rocks with some potting mix and has been there for years. ( now about 1 metre wide )
I find they grow very easily, and will survive total neglect.
I water it and fertilse when I think of it.
In your area , they should thrive even more.
Good luck with it

Sydney, Australia

Hi Gabi65,
We have tea , cake and gossip over in the Tea Room ...our lovely hostess is Jean (77Sunset), Sorry I know nought about the plants in question, (they grow wild here in the Blue Mountains) as described, sitting in rocks with their roots in the lead litter, I suppose they probably get a splotch of bird poo for fertilizer but that's about it.
The tea house is open for everyone to come in for a beverage and a chat, just click ^_^ (back to my visitors here at home.)


Newcastle(NSW), Australia(Zone 10a)

Thanks Chrissy, I did it again, sorry.

Thanks 77 Sunset, That took a load off my mind, I thought they might be delicate or something. I have had a lot of donations just recently, including Eucharist lilies!! (A load of snails came with them, very apparently)and a big heap of Amaryllis or is it the other -yllis, I can't think what the difference is. It's keeping me busy trying to find places for them.

Thanks again!

Brisbane, Australia

I'm probably just showing my ignorance (again), but I have a plant like that (I call it a King Orchid). It has the taller stems and the long flower stems (see pic below). However, I also have a mini version of it as well. This small version has never flowered though. Maybe its something totally different. Hope someone here knows. Must be great to be finding places for all your new plants. Amazing how we can always find room for more, isn't it.


What I call the King Orchid growing on a log along with bromeliads, and the unknown small plant that has never flowered, in the tree.

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Thumbnail by DawnSong Thumbnail by DawnSong
Newcastle(NSW), Australia(Zone 10a)

Thanks Dawn, They look very attractive growing amongst the broms, probably get lots of mulch to live on, yes? Gives me good ideas on where i can put them in my garden. Ta, very much

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Ha Ha!!!- not the sharpest orchid grower around, but I inherited some..and I do have this one sitting at the bottom of the stairs..I will try for a pic of mine tomorrow, so, Gabi, if you get a close up of the mouth, we can compare!!

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