Just an introduction and say WOW to all of your talent

Newark, DE

Hi all,

I just found this site a couple weeks ago and I wanted to say ALL y'all are amazing!

I have been dumpster diving for most of my life, starting very young with my grandmother :o) so I feel like I have found some long lost friends here. I've read most of the posts and I feel like I need to get a bowling ball and get started! I don't understand the purpose of the garden totems, but they look cool. Oh and Wuvie - you have me hooked on thinking about concrete ideas! I thought about that a few years ago but just didn't want to put money into all the molds, release chemicals, etc just to see if I enjoyed it. Now, that I know that non-stick spray and an old bowl is all I need....well it won't be long. I've never done mosaic anything, though again, I have thought about it a lot. I just didn't know where to start, but you girls have me itching to try that too.

As for what I have been doing (though not as much as I would like)... is painting. I like all mediums and on just about any surface, but my favorite is oil on canvas - hence my user ID choice. I attached some of my work. My other LOVE is photography, which is painting with light. Trust me, between the two, empty wall space barely exists. LOL

Hubby just had a double fusion on his lower back on Wednesday (the waiting room has WiFi and was where I read most of the posts). I just brought him home so I likely will not get much "fun me time" for a while. But I am reading and making plans......thanks to all of you!

When I get something done I will post pics for your critique and improvement suggestions.


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Ewing, NE

Welcome!! You do nice work

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

welcome .. sending healing vibes to your DH .. hope to see more of your work

Henderson, NC(Zone 7b)

Welcome Debbie, this is a fun place to be.

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Lovely and a good recovery for DH.

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

Beautiful paintings, and quick healing for your DH.

Dahlonega, GA

My step son was riding his racing bike four days out of the hosp . I liked to have had a heart attack . Maybe he will be on his feet sooner than you think . Healing thoughts for him

Victoria Harbour, ON

Here's hoping the operation is a success..

Reading your post and wow, we have many of the same interests...look forward to seeing your works of art in progress

Edited to read:

love your art pieces, great dimension in them

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Newark, DE

Thank you all for the compliments on my paintings and good wishes you sent for DH. He is doing well. I brought him home Friday night, and although he had a rough Saturday, Sunday was better. I pulled the 2 Lidocaine lines out when I changed the dressing since the "Q-ball" infuser was empty. So that was one less contraption he had to deal with and he was happy. This morning we were at the surgeon's office and he pulled the drain. DH is walking well and even walked to the mailbox today. (about a 200 feet driveway) Before this lumbar double fusion, he had to have another double fusion in his neck (he injured it all at the same time). I am hoping he is pretty well patched together this time. Who knows, maybe I'll get my back fixed soon.

I've read so many posts from all of you, I feel like we're already friends. I'm sure we'll have some things to share. Like I said, I don't have any new projects started yet with everything else going on, but soon....^_^

I just found a video I am going to post in a new thread that is unreal...recycling at it's best. But since it has nothing to do with me and my introduction post, I thought it should be separate.

Dahlonega, GA

This is your thread and you can put whatever on it you want . And if someone gets too far off your subject , you can send them a dmail and request they stay on topic , altho it will eventually come back to the subject (s) you are posting .Very seldom does anyone really care if it strays .
Just enjoy and soak up what you need , contribute what you want , and share a good bunch of friends that have a love of finding treasures that some think is trash . We don't care , they can keep throwing away their trash and we'll pick it up and make treasures out of it . Hugs

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Hello Debbie!

So wonderful that you have joined us! Looking forward to seeing your
wonderful works!


Victoria Harbour, ON


Been up since 4:30 packing up a prject so i can entertain myself at work today..lol not even dawn so cannot say it will be a sunshine day, but am hoping it will!

so what do you hope your first project will be?

One of your loves is painting, can see by the photo's you love south western..I love painting in all mediums as well but prefer 'genesis'the new heat set oil. Guess its because there are no chemicals, mixed colors never dry up unless heated, that can be a good thing or bad thing, because they never dry you tend to put off painting your project.

Here's hoping your hubby has a pain free day

Dahlonega, GA

Give us an update on D H . Hope this is a good day for him .

Newark, DE

Hi all,

Digger - I can't blame you with your stepson. I would have freaked out too! DH got hurt at work in March 09. He hasn't been able to ride his Harley or even allowed to drive since then. That is his one real goal - to drive and maybe by spring be able to ride again. But 4 days after surgery?!? Oh crap! I'd have had a heart attack too. Thanks for asking about him. He is doing a little better each day. The hard plastic body cast is tight and so he doesn't eat much at a time,(hmmm... Maybe I should get me one?) but at least it is staying down which it didn't do Saturday. This morning he went out on the breezeway with his tea. The weather has cooled off and is quite nice. He saw the raccoon before I came out. She comes to the door, sets on the top step like a puppy until we bring out the cat chow for her. (It was bought for the 2 feral cats around here, but she thinks it is for her) So he took the canister of food and walked out to the bowl, raccoon following on his heels. He just poured it into the bowl without bending. She looked at him a little funny but didn't care as long as she had food. It rained last night so the water bowl was already full. He wants to do what he can and he figured a way to do it without bending. He's asleep right now but he wants to get a shower since the surgeon said he could. It was just a little much yesterday for him and I think the week caught up with me too. When he napped in the recliner I took a 2 hour nap myself (something I never do) but I am just exhausted. Guess I'll get him showered after he wakes up, change the sheets and shower myself. Then see how the days goes. Oh and thanks for letting me know about the posting "rules" - good to know they are not so stringent here.

Betty - It's wonderful to know I have someone with the same interests as me too! Thanks for your compliments. You ask about my first project....well to be honest, it's not a trash to treasure I have planned next. I have some herbs and spices I dried, some others dried by my SIL and some I bought from -


I also bought several of their teas and I have some of my own tea blends. I have them in bags and jars and cans but they need to be put together in an oderly, better system. My Dad had a thin bookshelf he'd made years ago and he no longer was using it. It just fits on the other side of my refrigerator, so that is my next project and I can be in the house should DH need anything. I'll post a pic when it's done. Hopefully today,.. tomorrow at the latest.
I do like the southwestern stuff because I wanted some artwork to go with my Native American decor. Yeah I know it was in style years ago, not now, but I had it before it was in style and probably always will because of my own Native American heritage. I never really cared about what's in style anyway. I bet no one on this website does, we all do our own thing. LOL At the time I painted these, DH was in Arizona for a couple years with the job he had at the time. When I went out to see him, we spent some time on his days off going to and looking for ghost towns. So I painted one I would have liked to have found. The other one I posted was one day while he was at work (he lived and worked in Mesa) I drove out to the Superstition Mountians, past Apache Junction and found a wash with the purplish mountains behind it. I embelished a little but it pretty much was what you see in the piece I did. One of his co-workers saw the painting and told DH "here's an article and picture of a rattlesnake, she what she can do with that idea" So I did and will post it below.
I haven't worked with the Genesis paints before. I use and like oils because they dry slow anyway. The ghost town took me 3 days because it's 24x36 and has a lot of detail like the bricks. Regular oils stay workable that long no probem as long as they are at room temperature. If it is going to be more than a few days, I just put the mixed colors into a little disposable plastic ketchup cup and lid from a fast food place and stick it in the freezer.

DH is up again so I should check on him. I didn't mean to ramble on like a novel. I guess I am just excited to have found such a wonderful site and so many of you who are like me after all these years of being the "weirdo" who doesn't throw away anything.

Hope y'all have a blessed day!

Newark, DE

Duh - I forgot to upload the rattlesnake painting.

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Dahlonega, GA

Used to live in Chandler , just below Mesa .
Just got back from Chinese buffet , a once a week lunch with a friend,Thressa . She would never go by herself . Nap time now . The older I get , the more I sleep .
You will find a lot of talent on D G . There is a forum somewhere on art work . . When I wake up , if you haven't found it , I'll point in that direction . Hugs

Newark, DE

Oh yeah Digger - I know where Chandler is. We went down to the NHRA drag races there. Not far from the race track is a nice Native American museum too.

No I haven't seen an art work forum, but that's okay. I understand this is a T2T forum. I really only posted a couple of my paintings, like I had said as an intro of me, what I like and what I have done. If I shouldn't have done it that way, I am sorry. What I want to do and how I found this site in the first place, is searching for new ideas for trash to treasure. I was thrilled to find all the great work on cement, glass, and mosaic which I want to learn and do. But I will be sure to NOT post anymore art work. I'll wait until I get time to try some of the things y'all do. Again sorry.

Dahlonega, GA

We see artwork on here . You did fine . I only suggested the other forum to help you get familiar with D G .Your paintings are really nice . You can go back pages and pages for years and see paintings on T T . Some have put them on cardboard , tin , concrete , furniture , the list goes on . T to T is what got me hooked on D G .

Dahlonega, GA

After looking , Crafts and Decorating forum must be the one I was thinking about . I used to go there all the time . I'm sorry , I thought there was one for painting , and there are lots of painting mixed in . Look that forum over , lots of great T to T ideas there too .

Lorena, TX

digger...HELP! since I am "techno-challenged"...how do I find the Craft and Decorating Forum??? and thank you!

Dahlonega, GA

I'm still learning myself, kanuallc, but if you go to the top of this page , where it says home - my tools - communities, etc , click communities. You are there with the first posted info on that page .
Also , below that, on the left, where it always tells you what forum you are watching and communities , you can click on forums .

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Lorena, TX

found it! thank you so much......on the other-hand tho, more time spent browsing instead of doing something productive.....like the floors! lol

Dahlonega, GA

I wanted to get a copy of an artical in the newsletter a coupla months ago and had deleted it . I dmailed the author and he told me how to retrieve it . I felt so stupid .All those things on the information at the top of the page , under the heading ' Daves Garden ' will get you what you need . (Usually)

Dahlonega, GA

Yeah , time to check F B then do something constructive

Newark, DE

Well it's not T2T, but it is not a painting, so I hope it's okay. I'm only posting it because I said I would. I finished getting my herbs, spices and teas in jars and on a shelf Dad wasn't using and gave me. The black plastic container holds my metal mesh tea ball and reusable muslin tea bags. The box on the top left leaning against the fridge is a French press coffee maker, but it works great for loose teas.

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Dahlonega, GA

Girlfriend , you have your finger in a lot of pots (southern saying ) . Those jars of spices are impressive . So we know you like to cook too !

Newark, DE

Yes, digger, I like to cook and I like it even better if I have someone to clean up after me. Many of these are medicinal too. I don't use the corn silk in cooking, but the tea I make with it isn't bad, especially with some honey, but it helps prevent and treat urinary tract infections. Some I use for both. I have dried ginger root that I use in cooking but it also makes a great cup of tea to fight nausea (think Gingerale without having to deal with bubbles when you're sick) Some of the other teas are just delicious and like a treat at night! I look forward to more with cooler weather coming.

I do have good news about DH - we went to the surgeon yesterday and he removed the staples. He is doing well and has been able to walk about a mile every other day on the treadmill. The doctor said that was the best thing to do to heal and keep scar tissue from forming where it shouldn't. He'd like to see him be able to get up to 2 miles in the next few weeks. Of course, he is still wearing the hard plastic brace over the whole torso when he isn't in bed, but he said that it is much better to deal with now than it was at first. I appreaciate everyone's prayers.

Dahlonega, GA

Happy dance for your D H .
Spice jars that size would get old in my kitchen . I just don't cook as much or enjoy cooking anymore . Part of it is you spend three or four hours making a great meal (for two ) and it's over in twenty minutes . Then clean up the leftovers to the fridg or freezer . Don'tt have but a coupla plates to wash cuz I wash dishes as I cook .
Come live at our house , You cook , I'll clean up . LOL

Center, TX

Hey lovetopaint, just love your paintings. You may want to try www.wetcanvas.com It is a site for all kinds of painting and photography. Lots of tecniques and advise. I love to paint also. All kinds of artwork. I am a teacher and teach watercolor and oil. I retired from work(owned a gift shop and boutique items) and planned to just teach art, but my husband has been sick ever since so I will have to wait a while. But I still do things just for me. HA I make old world santas and paint of gourds. Lots of fun. Alda

Newark, DE

Thank you Alda. ^_^

I have been away too long from the site due to family health issues as well as my own but hoping to get back on here and catch up. Who knows, when I get over the latest thing I might actually get some time to craft again. I'm really itching to do something. I guess I can at least get the camera out one day.

Thanks for the link too. I checked it out and it looks like fun! I added it into my favorites to spend some time there.

Hope your Christmas was joyful and the New Year is blessed,

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

I too have been away, moved from NY to Tn and health issues too, we have to stay positive and keep the energys flowing,
a very Blessed New YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!

Thumbnail by kobwebz
Newark, DE

Hi Kobwebz!

I love, love, love your porches! The only thing missing is a porch swing hanging from the rafters on the far end, and of course some sweet tea, and you'll be ready for summer! ^_^

From the design of the columns, windows and doors it looks like a wonderful Craftsman home. They always have all kinds of wooden built ins. I love those too! You're going to have a blast making it your new home. You'll find TN is a very pretty and friendly state, I have many relatives from there.

Hope your health issues are behind you and the new year is very blessed and happy!


Center, TX

Hey Kobwebz, I love your house. I have a daughter and granddaughter in Lebanon. How far is that from you? I would like permission to use your house in one of my paintings if you say its O.K. THANKS, ALDA

(Pegi) Norwalk, CA(Zone 10b)

Just discovered this thread and I've been on DG for a very long time. I became addicted through the T to T forum and just kept discovering new forums all the time.

Happy to hear your DH is improving every day. I hope he soon can enjoy riding his Harley again.

Love that house Kobwebz, a swing hanging from the rafters on the porch would be my ideal setting.. I'd have a hard time keeping my DH from piling all his junk around.

Newark, DE

Thank you Samigal.

He is progressing, slow but sure. He has been weaned off wearing the body brace and just started physical therapy. The last time at the surgeons, the x-ray showed the bone is starting to fuse. We go back in March and will know how much farther that has progessed. He is really looking forward to riding, but thankfully isn't pushing things. He sure doesn't want more surgery.

Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

Hi there digger9083 ~ you mentioned something about Facebook. I'm on Facebook too! What is your name that you go by on there? You can leave me a "dmail" message on here and I'll send you a friend invite.

@ lovetopaint ~ your paintings are gorgeous. I see you like the beauty of the "southwest' also. That's how I'm decorating the interior of my mobile home ~ southwestern and the paint colors I'm using to paint my place are of the southwest color palette too. Already seems that we have 2 things in common don't we? We both like the southwest decor and you do painting and I do photography. You mentioned you left me a message on here somewhere? What was the forum comment you left it under?

Time to sign off & hit the sack. Another cleaning project to start tackling on Friday among a store errand to run. Catch y'all later!


Newark, DE

Hi Jennie,

Thank you for the compliment on my paintings.

Yes, my living room is Southwest decor and has been for years and years. It's been "out of style" for a while, but mine was that way before it was "in style". Hey, I read somewhere it's coming back "in style", so we'll be ahead of the rest. I am mostly Native American so a lot of my things are of that design, from blankets to ceremonial rattles. That doesn't go well with French Provincial or something. LOL However, craftsman style works well. You'll see that in many of the western national park lodges.

Oh and we have even more in common. As I recently answered you in the C&CF forum, I too do photography. I've ridden cross country on a motorcycle several times just to take great photos. (Colorado, Yellowstone, Glacier NP and even up into the Canadian Rockies). I haven't done long trips in about 8 years but at 58, I still have my motorcycle and MC license for around town....and still enjoy it (on good days when my pain will allow it).

I'm sorry I can't help you on which topic my earlier comment was to you. It was here on T2T, and although with DH's surgery 9/5/12 when I discovered DG and read all the old posts, I didn't really reply to any that were not fairly new at that time. So It wouldn't be too far back. Don't worry about it. I'm sure it wasn't earth shattering importance anyway, coming from me. ^_^

Have a good one!

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

Hello Lovetopaint and I am fairly new to DG too!

Your paintings are beautiful! Do you also garden?

Newark, DE

Thank you David. I guess we can welcome each other to DG.

I do garden a little. I grow herbs (see above for my shelf of some of them - some I bought). I wish I could grow more but I don't have the time right now. I had to quit my job and care for my mother daily until she passed away. I now care for my father who is 84, has some mobility problems and begining to show signs of Alzheimers. My only sibling, my brother is paralyzed from the shoulders down. His wife works, but has had 3 neck fusion sugeries, one just this past October, now in therapy and most likely facing a lumbar fusion. Their daughter had a malignant brain tumor with surgery, chemo, radiation when she was 3. That has been years ago and thankfully she is cancer free but the treatment left her learning disabled. She doesn't work or even drive. So I am taking all of them to their appointments and doing what I can. My significant other was severly injured at work in 2009. He has had a double fusion in his neck in 2010 and a double fusin in his lumbar just last September. He is not allowed to drive either and has now started physical therapy. There is more but that's the basics. I have medical problems of my own including 3 herniated discs in my lumbar and 3 in my neck. At some point when someone is able to take some of the load off me, I need to get fixed. For now, I take one day at a time, eat my pain pills when I can't deal with it and keep on truckin'. So having a real garden? Not now. I try to plant a few tomato plants in planters and protect them from the raccoons and I have a huge Night Blooming Cyrus that takes everything I have to carry out in the spring and back in the fall. Here is a couple shots of it's blooms this year.

Thumbnail by lovetopaint Thumbnail by lovetopaint
DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

Your night blooming Cereus is beautiful. That is one of my favorite plants. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pic's!

I well understand the concerns of aging family and aging me! Keep on truckin' as you say, and I truly wish and pray things will make an upturn for you. So many of us seem to battle so many things these days. Nature and growing things seem to help a lot. Just a few well loved and appreciated things makes a gardener. Your Cereus is one!

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