Echinocereus subinermis with a shadowy past

Windsor, CA(Zone 9b)

What I remember about this plant is that it was given away because it wasn't growing after a long time and the donor hoped that a different atmosphere might help it do something. Then this person gave it to me in July 2010. The first pic was taken 07.16.2010. the second pic was taken 09.24.2011 and the third and fourth pics were taken today. It clearly shows that the one baby has grown (and I only just noticed it - they grow so slowly that it just sneaks up on me). I am very happy that it is growing although I have done nothing with it but repot it and let it sit where it gets morning sun, late morning and eraly afternoon filtered sun and afternoon shade. And in the winter I put it under cover on the front porch. Probably I have fertilized it a couple of times, but don't really remember. Any way it is one of my many favorites and am very happy that it is doing some growing and am looking forward to see what it does in the future. Xuling

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Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9a)

That's made a great improvement X! I'd say it likes you care and is sure a lot happier.

Windsor, CA(Zone 9b)

Pure luck that it happens to like how I treat it. That is how all my gardening is - pure luck. I just finished watering all the garden today, including the C/S because I am going away for 5 weeks on Tuesday, and now it is up to the plants and the weather if they survive. Xuling

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