Silver Queen has brown holes appearing - Please help!

Rocky Mount, NC

My silver queen has several leaves with small brown holes or brown areas developing. Most of the leave that have the spots are on the bottom layer. I moved the plant to an areas of slightly less sunlight about two weeks ago. Is this just old age, or is there something else I need to know? Thanks in advance.

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Not sure from Pictures IF the plant is beside a window or against a wall but, it looks to me like the leaves are suffering from scorching either from too much direct sun through glass or is getting dry heat from being directly up against a wall that holds onto the heat in day time when the wall heats up from the sun in long prolong periods.
IF the plant is in-doors then I would mist the foliage each day in summer, stick your fingers into the soil and feel if the soil is too dry, very few plants like to sit in wet soil but too dry and not being fed during the growing season is not good either.
Don't know your plant by the name Silver queen but I'm giving you general tips.
Hope this helps you out and maybe you just need to move the plant to a bright area but away from direct sun, give a liquid feed half strength each week during the growing season that's normally from March to October, out-with these times, most plants go into a rest period when the stop putting on top growth / flowers etc and begin to make underground growth by making new roots, some other plants ofcourse grow roots all year so keep looking at the plants you have and get to know when they need watered and fed and are suffering from heat damage or watering etc, it's not always easy and sometimes we just have to try lots of things but remember, nothing will improve over night, just like us, plants take time to recover.
Happy gardening. WeeNel.

Rocky Mount, NC

Aglaonema modestum is the former name. Thanks for the 101 WeeNel! Can you also give a suggestion for a liquid feed?

Conway, SC

Looks like a Chinese evergreen. Mine that I have had for many years is inside and only receives light from the windows.
Overwatering can cause the problems you mentioned. Likes temp around 70/
Check out this info"

Kansas City, MO

greenpniky3 i have one to and i have a curtain between my flower and and window it stay pretty green i have only had mine bloom once does yours bloom i just added new poting soil to mine cause it was leaning and i put a little slow release food in it ,first ime i ever used it i usualy use miracle grow liquid

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Sorry Greenpinky3, for not getting back to you, regarding plant feed for indoor plants, you will pick these up at the DIY or garden store, I have to admit I stopped buying these years ago and now use HALF strength tomato feed, or a liquid seaweed formula (again bought from shop,
For your plant I would use this maybe every 4-5 weeks, by using half strength it is easier to add more feed than try remove too much from a plant that is awash with too strong feed.

I like to mist indoor plants too, or any plants that has leathery looking foliaged as these enjoy a little moisture / humidity but again, never overdo this treatment.
Cme springtime, that's when you gently tip all your indoor plants out there pots, look to make sure all is well, remove any damaged / dead or rotted roots by cutting away, never break them off or you could encourage disease to set in, after this, either pop back into the same pot OR 2 size larger pot with new compost, remove some old soil if the pot soil looks old and depleted, after that mist, replace to there spot or put outdoors IF the weather has warmed up.
I put most indoor plants outside from June to around end August as this helps harden off the new growth put on inside all winter.

Good luck. Hope everyone has given you some tips and help to get you on your way.
Best of Luck. WeeNel.

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