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Superfantastic neither super nor fantastic for me.

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

Man is this tomato misnamed. There is nothing super about it and it is certainly not fantastic. This is my first year trying this variety and certainly my last as it is never coming back. Well, to be fair, it fought off the early blight fairly well and produced lots of fruit. But many would get rotten spots long before they were ripe enought to pick. So I figgure those don't really count though as they had to be thrown out. When I did get eatable fruit, it just has no flavor. Just pucked again today, had to toss nearly half because of the rotting and the rest that I picked was cracking heavily at the stem part. To be fair, we have had a lot of rain.

Thumbnail by newyorkrita
North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

Here is a picture of the stem type cracking. This was not happening earlier in the year and is not happening on my other tomatoes.

Thumbnail by newyorkrita
Mantua, UT(Zone 4b)

I have liked Super Fantastic other years, but it has not done well for me this year. I have had poor production and bland flavor. I might try one plant next year, but that's all.

Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

Rita, I had most all of my tomatoes crack like yours- all varieties. I keep reading that erratic water causes it, but I don't agree. I have underground irrigation that comes on daily.

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

Well, it did not crack like that earlier in the year and we had plenty of rain. Oh, and other varieties are not doing that cracking, it is the only one. I only have one plant myself but next year will have none.

It is still producing but what good does that do when I don't even want to eat the tomatoes?

Montreal, QC(Zone 5b)

Hi everyone. My Better Boys cracked so badly I just threw them out because there was no way they could be edible. I had a bit of cracking with the Japanese black trifle but they ended up doing really well and the gold medals were great except for the one the dumb squirrels kept attacking! Caught two of those rascals eating what was left of my cherries and the JBT's!! Oh we'll, guess they're getting ready for winter!
Ps apparently they also like eggplant because I found pieces all over the place and the eggplant completely gone. Glad I'm not a big fan!

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

The splitting that you see at the stem end is called radial splitting. Normally the splits are smaller and scar over but with lots of rain they can reopen and look like what you show. Often just normal bacteria and fungi in the air can invade those splits and initiate a rotting process.

Not all varieties, actually far from it, show radial or concentric splitting and there is a genetic predipostion for specific varieties to show it or not.


North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

I don't like it but since those Superfantastic did not split earlier in the year, the cracking is not the reason it is not coming back. It is the flavor. Or rather the compleate lack of flavor.

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

I did just pick three more of them today.

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