Help with the following plants

Plymouth, PA(Zone 5b)

Someone sent me the following plants. Can anyone give me ideas on type of soil to use & lighting? Also the one still has green stems but the Leaves are all dried out, whats the chance that this plant will make it?

Abutilon Striatum Thompsonii -- This is the dried out leaves one.
Bridal Vial

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

links to:
abutilon ...

bridal veil is a wee bit confusing cause there are one too many common name attached to it. this is why i always believe in the latin name/s of plants... aside from the ones indicated below, there are also bridal veil for hibiscus, astilbe, etc... this is the best i can do for it:
bridal veil ...

trandescantia ...
hope this links help... ma vie

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Plymouth, PA(Zone 5b)

HI MaVieRose

Thanks for the links, they helped a lot.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

u're very welcome tamlamb ;)... ma vie

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