SOLVED: Large and sort of familiar but what?

CREZIERES, France(Zone 8a)

This came out of a packet of seeds of mixed perennials - or it might be from a seed in my worm compost. It was planted last year and was small over the winter (~ 2"). Then it started to grow in late spring - tall enough to be transplanted into the garden - next to a Rudbeckia. By then it had doubled to 4". Slow growth until about four weeks ago when it became a monster - about a metre + tall.

Originally with the colour and sheen of the leaves, I thought maybe Dahlia, but now I haven't a clue.
Can you help?

Thumbnail by cinemike
Keaau, HI

Any flowers to show?

Columbiaville, MI

First thing that came to mind was a Coleous-minus variegation.

Columbiaville, MI

On second thought it is very similar to Hibiscus.

Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom

I could be way off, but reminds me of Nicandra physalodes... stems dark purple almost black?
Should have had blooms by now, then.
Could be something else...

Anacortes, WA

I tend to agree with fixpix. If so, and it produces fruit - only feed it to people you DON'T like. TOXIC!!!!! Beautiful plant tho....

CREZIERES, France(Zone 8a)

Yes, it seems to be Nicandra physalodes - it has started to develop those very distinctive 'ridged' flower buds.
Thank you fixpix. I'm not sure I would call the stems black, though.
Also, now I think of it, I swapped some seed and got a small pack of Nicandra physalodes - I must have mis-labelled them.

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