Air plant

West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

I have an air plant that is about 4 years old, that's how long ago it flowered. The plant had pups growing but someone else had taken care of it and the plant was not taken care of. Submerged half in water for months and kept in a dark place. The pups rotted and died, the mother plant got pale white and the bottom started rotting.

When I got the plant I removed the pups, rinsed the plant under warm water and using a sponge scrubbed all the gunk off. I removed rotted leaves and trimmed the rotting roots. I let the plant air dry in a warm, sunny area for about 2 days. Over the next weeks I fully soaked the plant for 12 hours, twice a week and left it by a partial sunny window. The plant slowly got greener and the leaves very slowly started growing. When the plant looks dry I'll soak it under water every other day and that seems to be great so it's not bone dry but not rotting from too much water, I fertilized it once with orchid fertilizer and the next month the plant really greened up.

I don't see any new pups and the leaves never turn red signaling flowering, it's been a year since I've cared for it.

Ventress, LA(Zone 8b)

You definitely went out of your way to save the plant. I soak mine in a bowl of water once a week sometime with orchid fertilizer and sometimes without. I leave them on the window cil, but I don't think they get direct sun. I too am an amature learning as I go. Hope you the best of luck.

Old dude, I hope you can lend a helping hand.

West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

Only thing I know is not to over fertilize, I read to only fertilize once or twice a year. I'm a novice at them too so hoping experienced caretakers can offer advice.

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