New woodstove Chimney install

Plymouth, WI

Hello I have been reading this forum and hope you guys and help me. 3 years ago I built my house and in preperation of adding a woodstove to my basement. I installed a Simpson duravent triple wall chimney pipe. Last week I finally started to finish the piping out of the chimeny and rememberd that I had to install 2 90 degree elbows to get my piping out of the basement and into the chimney correctly. My question and concern is... after measuring everything in the basement. If I take my stove pipe straight down. I won't have the required clearence from the back of my stove to the wall. To get this clearence I would need to add some sort of elbow to help get the stove pipe from the back of the wall to the stove the proper clearance..which is 12 inches.. I have 6 and would need to clear another 6 inches. From what I have been reading they say not to have no more than 2 90 degree elbows in the stove pipe. Does that include the chimney to? If so.. is there anything I can do to gain that clearence? Would flex pipe work? thanks for the advise..

Plymouth, WI


I did some research and some digging and found my receipt for the elbow kit I bought. I called the company that I bought the kit from. Matched the upc symbols and found out that I put in the Duranvent 30 degree elbow kit not a 90 degree... So if i put another 30 degree elbow in to help me get more clearance from the wall. I should be fine right?

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