Grevillea question

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

I am hoping that someone will have some suggestions about growing Grevillea in a pot. I think these plants are so beautiful and since it is unlikely that I'll ever live some place tropical, I would like to try pot culture.

I have already managed to kill one small G. thelemanniana (I think I fed it a plant food with too much phosphorus) and I'm going to try a G. 'Canberra Gem', not because it's my favorite, but because it is what I can find.

Does anyone have any ideas? I know they can get big, but I just hope I can keep it alive long enough to worry about that some time in the future :)

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I have several that are living in pots now because I'm waiting for spots to open up in the garden. The ones that are planted in the garden definitely are happier, but I have several that have been in pots for a few years now and they're still doing OK. In addition to what you already learned the hard way about phosphorus, they also don't like a lot of water so make sure you're careful with that too. I'm not sure if humidity will cause problems for them or not.

If you want a better selection of different varieties, sells quite a few different varieties so you might check them out (may be best to experiment first with something you can find cheap/local though)

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Thank you! I'll take a look at that website...I'm sure it will have me wanting others :)

I'm not sure about humidity, either, but I did probably over-water, too. I set it over with tropicals and I know I just included it with that thirsty bunch. I'll move it over where I have succulents and see how it does.

Thank you for your help!

noonamah, Australia

There's well over 300 species of Grevillea but you'd be better off keeping away from the tropical ones. There's plenty of others, plus a huge range of cultivars that would be suitable.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

I'm not sure how to tell the difference?

noonamah, Australia

I had a look at the site suggested by Ecrane3, they specialise in mediterranean climate plants so doubtful they'd carry any tropical ones. But always check where the plants are native to. Don't know of any that would take to life below freezing for any length of time, but could cope with occasional frosts. The mediterranean climate ones are mostly shorter shrubby plants. Tropical ones are often larger trees that need to be tall to reach the rainforest canopy. Although, there are some short tropicals ones that come from more open canopied savanna woodlands. But none, as you know, have a liking for high phosphorus levels. Drainage depends on their habitat of orgin, some live in seasonal swamps and stand in water for months at a time. But even those will do well in a moist well drained medium.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Thank you, that's very helpful! It's best that I stick with the low-growing ones, anyway. Not sure where I'd put a tree that I had to bring in every winter ;)

That web site has a lot of beautiful plants, even beyond Grevillea. How exciting!

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