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Dragging the hose around ... solved!

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Now, I don't drag.

Even in a small yard, I hated dragging a hose around the yrad.
Hose spigots seemed to be located in the LEAST convenient places possible.
And the flimsy hose kept kinking.
And pots on my deck would be overturned.
And low-hanging branches of bushes would get tangled and mangled.
Narrow paths became tripping obstacle courses.
It made hand-watering a pain instead of a pleasure.

Then I put in some lengths of 3/4 black polyethylene "mainline" irrigation tubing. I thought that dripline and jet sprayers and timers would be the answer to my hose-dragging.

Well, my favorite feature so far of having 3/4" mainline aorund the yard is that I can add garden hose thread fittings (usually male threads) and attach a SHORT length of garden hose anywhere in my yard I darn well please.

No more dragging. The 4-5 hose ends all stay where I want them. I just lean over, pick up the spray head or water breaker and hand-water each bed from the most convenient spot possible.

Meanwhile, jets spray, spinners sprinkle, and dripline drips, but I don't know if I'll ever b other automating all of it. Now that I don't drag, watering is fun again.

I bought some hose-repair fittings and cut up a 100-foot hose into several short pieces. Happy-happy!

Realistically, 1/2" mainline would probably have been plenty big for my small yard.
But I found that "Steubers Distributing" sells 3/4" for just a little more than 1/2" (like $17 or $20 per 100 feet).

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