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passiflora sp.or passion flower?

Hominy, OK(Zone 6b)

Hi new here,and would kindly like to learn how to take care of the passion flower I inherited on our move to central California. What a surprise on this gangly vine when it bloomed this flower. Gee I thought it westeria or something. I woud'a took the westeria too! But what a surprise. Now I'd like to learn to care for it. It's in a pot and I've houseplant fertilized with liquid . Found out it will wilt when dry. How long does it live ? Should I move it in winter? What about transplanting to larger pot?please help me make it live along time . I've picked off caterpilers already that ate leaves. And moved them to some bushes .

Thumbnail by Nervonahh
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Most Passiflora are considered tropical plants and should do very well planted in the ground in your Planting Zone 9 area. Here is some plant care info for you.

But, if that is not an option, here is some info on container growing also.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I used to grow one inside my conservatory in a large pot, each spring I re-poted it into a larger sized pot till I felt it was large enough and once it was in the very biggest pot I then just removed the top 2-3 inches of soil from the pot and added fresh with some bonemeal with blood /fish already mixed from the garden store, we get this mix in a box and a handful per pot would be enough, this is a slow release fertiliser so I also added a liquid plant feed half strength every week till it began to show flower buds, at that time I did full strength liquid feed but, only going by directions on bottle.
These vines can live for many years and you should be able to grow your vine on a frame / trellis ect, after flowering or fruit has passed, you can trim it back to keep it a manageable size but remember they are large plants / vines once they are growing well,
You need to make sure the plant wont dry out but don't allow it to sit in a saucer of water, after watering, wait an hour and pour off any excess water left in the saucer, don't re-water till you have stuck your finger into the soil and if dry, the plant needs water, if still damp then leave off watering till the soil is dry.
Hope this helps you out and you have many years of pleasure from your Passion flower vine.
Good luck, WeeNel.

Hominy, OK(Zone 6b)

sorry it took me so very long to reply to your wonderful postings. be assured i'm very gratefull for them. Yes !haveing this plant for along time in my life is important to me. thanks again !! I will try my best!! Teri(Nervonahh)

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