Orange tree new leaf growth distorted

Scottsdale, AZ

Please look at the attached images. My mature orange tree continually has poor new leaf growth and they are always distorted. I'm assuming its some sort of pest that I cannot get rid of. Any idea what pest this may be? Its been a year since the tree grew "normal" leaves and its starting to look dainty. It has a full load of fruit on it, so i know the tree is still healthy, but i'm trying to get "regular" leaves to grow without any luck.

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Greenback, TN(Zone 7a)

ugh leaf miners ! horid things that anyone who grows citrus will encounter here in the states.

noonamah, Australia

They're a caterpillar that lives (and eats) under the "skin" of the leaf. This makes it difficult to apply any insecticide as they are under a protective cover. As they multiply they get into all the leaves and the tree suffers.

Greenback, TN(Zone 7a)

There is a spray to deal with it but honesty only needs to be used on very young (small) trees. The chemical in it is called Spinosad and not something I want in my OJ ! But leaf miners can kill small trees not so much large trees they just make them look ugly.

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