Wintering Perennials in Pots

Canon Beach, OR(Zone 9a)

Can 1 gal perennials and large shrubs be kept in a garage through the winter? The ground at our new home is not really set up to plant this fall (even roughly), but I have plenty of room in the garage to store them. If so, my plan is to put them in the garage at the end of October - good? Also, how often would I need to water them, and about when should I bring them out. We'll be living near Manzanita, Oregon. Thx!

Union, WA(Zone 8b)

Is they are outside plants you should be able to leave them out in a protected spot and just water them if you don't have regular rain. I wouldn't bring them inside. Nurserys leave all those plants outside.

Lake Stevens, WA

I agree with willow. What kind of plants are they? If we get one of those cold blasts you might have some leaves to cover them or a blanket. If you have a place near the house fountaion is a warm spot too.

Canon Beach, OR(Zone 9a)

I'm (and the plants) are currently in Everett, WA. The perennials are the ones that are pretty common to the area (anything you might find at our local Lowes or Home Depot currently), with a few that I would be extra careful with anyway. I don't think there is enough room by our foundation (I have quite a few) - generally I have put my potted "annual geraniums", potted fuschia, roses in a plastic greenhouse on our patio. (BTW These aren't the perennials I am presently talking about.) I was all set to leave them outside until a local nursery person told me that with a freeze and the size of the pots, I'd probably lose them. Then...of course, I googled the question and it seemed like the answer was to put them in the garage. (Maybe this was for different zones). Anyway, it threw me off my plans. Why don't you think they need to be in the garage out of curiousity? many thx

Lake Stevens, WA

For me the answer to the question is; no air movement. The bugs seem to set up shop in the garage. Just what I have experienced. Do you have a place that you can mulch them with leaves or bark around the pots. The only time there is going to be an issue is when the wind comes out of canada and we get the cold freeze for a week or so.

Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

I would leave them outside and pile mulch, leaves, etc up around the pots-the air circulation is important.

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Everett's pretty tropical. I have a lot of pots & the only thing I lost over the winter was a canna.

Canon Beach, OR(Zone 9a)

Okay, oh dear, outside it is! I wouldn't usually obsess about this but I'm moving (retiring) to a quite large garden after not having one since many years ago now, and I am so excited. I've been hovering around all the nurserys finally not have to limit myself to "a certain size". Many thanks for all the help and suggestions. I'll let you know what happens. (Moving to the Oregon coast)

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

So long, Liz! I live right between Everett and Lynnwood, off 99/Evergreen. Near Jumping Jacks and all the bikini baristas.

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Welcome to the coast, Liz! I live near Lincoln City, which is definitely driving distance from Cannon Beach. And I have TONS of plants to share that are proven hardy for you. Come on down!

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Down here I need to watch more for plants drowning in their pots than anything else.

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