Please identify the bamboo variety

Cobleskill, NY

The bamboo in this seems nice for my back yard. Can anyone identify this, please?

Thumbnail by winbx
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

You will need closer pictures that show the culms and the leaf growth in order to get an accurate ID. Then I would recommend posting them on the plant ID forum.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I agree with themoonhowl re closer picture as the Bamboo is a large family AND SOME are not recommended for garden planting.

You need to be very careful and go to a reputable seller of Bamboo, the roots of all are like runners and send our new shoots where they grow into new canes ans enlarge at such a rate that after a couple years you will never be able to dig the roots up as they are like thick wire cable or even described as like digging concrete and even then, they send out even more shoots under ground.

Not the picture you have sent, the Bamboo is planted within a raised bed edged with concrete and IT MAY BE that this was to prevent root spread as the roots can show up in side walks ect,

ON the bright side, there are so many lovely Bamboo that there is definitely one for every situation either in tub's, borders, as a hedge, as a focal point on it's own or close to water where the birds and wildlife enjoy the safety of the tall canes, it's also lovely to here the rustle noise of the greenery as the breeze blows through the plants, and again, there are wonderful Giant bamboo that grows to to 8 feet or more where a large garden uses it as a play area and kids run through it like a jungle play area.
All I can say to you is that with the best known advice I have gained over the years re Bamboo, you MUST take care of what type you buy. go research from Library or book stores where they have picture books of gardens, look on this site to see IF there is a forum or pictures with advice on different Bamboos, the do come in many colours of canes like yellow, green rust etc so you will find one to suit the area you will plant your new Bamboo.
Good luck, lets know how you get on.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'll agree that it's impossible to tell what bamboo this is from this picture. If you can't get a better picture, you may want to browse some sites that sell bamboo and see if you can find one you feel looks similar. The trouble you're going to have is hardiness--you don't mention what zone you're in, but I would guess zone 5 or 6? Clumping bamboos are much more garden friendly (don't need to plant them with root barriers to prevent aggressive spreading, etc) but there are a lot fewer hardy varieties of clumpers. There tend to be more hardy varieties of runners, although not all of them are hardy either. If you get one of them, you will want to plant it with a root barrier if you don't want it taking over.

Here's a useful site--I don't think they do mail order anymore but you can use it for research. They list the temperatures that each variety can withstand as well as whether it's a runner or a clumper so you know what you're getting into, and they have pictures of many of them.

Cobleskill, NY

Thanks for all your valuable input. I'd love to have Bamboo on one side of our deck but will do my research before I take the plunge.

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