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Tomatoes for south Texas

Brazoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Thinking ahead, would like to know what varieties of tomatoes grow well in south Texas (zone 9b)? Thanks in advance:)

Corpus Christi, TX

I grew Tami-G grape tomatoes this spring and they did great.

Brazoria, TX(Zone 9b)

thanks:) I grew Roma, Early Girl, Mortgage Lifter and tomatilloes this year; they didn't produce as well as I felt they should. But we did have a super hot June, too much heat too early stressed the plants. Interested in what other gardeners have grown--I want to try different varieties but not sure which ones to buy and which ones to avoid.

Corpus Christi, TX

Im trying Better Boy this fall, as well as another Tami-G. Had a Big Boy this spring that suffered from the heat, so avoiding it.

Orlando, FL

I live in 9b. I did well with lemon boy, yellow pear and arkansas traveler. Google heat tolerant tomatoes,that can give you a hint. I grow 3 sets of tomatoes,spring, summer and fall. On a mild year I have tomatoes most of the year.

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