Tomato sauce ole style........"no sweat no sauce"

Hutto, TX

I have a couple of video’s for you to check out…….You will enjoy I promise.
Please check out this video……….the guy reminds me of my FOL (yes from Italy)……..I am going to try this method with my fall tomato crop………Looks like fun…………..”No sweat, no sauce”

If you like corn check this out. I tried this method last night, and it is delicious. If you like corn this is the only way to cook it……..I promise..........I got this from another forum I if has been posted I am sorry.........

Hutto, TX(Zone 8b)


That is an interesting video! I really liked the cinder block fireplace, and the idea of cooking the tomatoes over an outdoor fire. I don't have an pots that big, though. The basil leaves in the top of the jar is a good idea, too. I think processing in a boiling water bath would be a better idea than the covered box. If you didn't have the sauce super hot and didn't get it sealed in the jars really quickly, those towels just keep the temperature high enough to really encourage botulism.

I guess the USA isn't the only place losing some of its heritage. The story about walking to the farms from town, picking and carrying toatoes, then the entire community making sauce was amazing. Now everyone there just buys the sauce at a grocery.


Carrollton, TX(Zone 8a)

I’m suspicious that the guy in the video may be straight out of central casting and may not really be Italian. I've never heard a real Italian person add an "a" to the end of almost every word he speaks and that is so stereotypical. Even still it was an interesting video with a nice message.

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