Ivy help please

Canonsburg, PA

my ivy plant has a stem of brown leaves and the others are drooping. I have had an issue with mold, i think, on the soil surface. i tryied treating it with rubbing alcohol but that didnt work. Yesterday I tried a fungicide and today this is how my plant was. How can I fix it?

(Zone 7a)

First off, what kind of ivy is it? Some things called ivy aren't really. That said, most issues with dropping are too water, especially if you say you have a mold issue, as well. If you can change the soil and pull back on the watering it would help your plant tremendously.

Canonsburg, PA

I think it is an english ivy. I will grab a picture hopefully tomorrow. I just watered it and fertilized it after a 2 week wait on watering. I have posted above my issues with all my house plants as i am new to this and only posted the ivy earlier because I feel it is an emergency. It looks sick. I feel horrible.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Does your pot have a drain hole at the bottom? Most important thing!!!

This is a common problem with Ivies if they have been over watered.
The roots get so soggy that they rot--and can no longer absorb water.
Then the plant wilts. Owner sees a wilted plant and thinks it needs to be watered.
The water will just sit in the soil and add to the problem.

Your only hope is to remove the plant from the pot and wash off every bit of dirt.
Inspect the roots. Anything black or slimy--cut them off. Leave only roots that are healthy--if any.
They would be whitish and plump.
Cut the plant back to the very base. Re-pot it in fresh "potting MIX"--NOT soil!
Potting mixes have no soil in them. they are fluffy and the roots can breathe.

Keep the soil just moist and look for new growth to come from the base.

If the base is also brown and black--the plant id dead.
You can get a nice new Ivy plant at any store that sells plants.
It will probably be sold in a hanging basket. Cost--about $10.

Sometimes it is not worth the time and effort to try to fix what is "broke". Toss it!

Good luck! Gita

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