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Advice please - Poor stove installation

london, United Kingdom

Dear all,

I have just recently had a stove fitted by a HETAS registered installer. However, I am unsatisfied with the work and in particular the register plate. I feel it should be more professionally completed and not be visible. Am I correct? The side of the heat board sits below the top level and is visible from the front.

The brick work is to be plastered at a later date so i'm not too concerned about that. Although I asked the fitter to ensure that the chimney could be detached and stove removed for plastering. I could not budge the chimney today at all. It seems to be jammed on. Any advice for that?

Thank you for your help and time.

Kind regards

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Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I assume you've had a stove installed in a fireplace.

It's not the greatest looking installation.

What is above the what you call the register plate. I assume there is some kind of metal insert that the stove pipe is screwed to. That is the most likely the reason you can't pull the pipe down.

As far as it being visible. The installer may have intended it to be temporary until the plasterer comes and plasters the brick up. My second guess is that he did a sloppy job. Have you called them and complained?

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