Alo/Colocasia bulb care

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I have quite a few of each of those bulbs that I really don't want to pitch come cold weather, but I don't want to keep them growing in the g'house. Can I "exhume" them from the pots now, cut off the leaves, wash the dirt off, let dry and then put them in a tub with some dry wood shavings? What I would really like to do with a bunch of them come warm weather next spring is plant them down by the creek in that nice, black wet creek soil. The creek is fenced off except where the cement crossing is for the cattle, so no worries the beasts would get at them.

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

my experience with alocasias is they are more forgiving overwinted unpotted..
colocasias..and i only have jacks giant and thai they dont like being totally
bareroot overwintered.. this last winter i buried (inside.temps around 50F) my colocasias in
shredded leaves.. kept the leaf mix barely moist..and i mean..on the dry side..but some moisture..
they overwintered great..
i wait for the 1st hard frost before i dig my tropicals.. EEs,bananas,cannas..
i do cut all leaves down from stalks..
some more experienced than me have posts in sickies.. good info there..
brian williams is a big help with ideas.. has worked for me..
good luck to ya!!!!!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

What are "posts in sickies"?

Blackshear, GA

I think she meant 'stickies'...which are the top two post in the aroid forum.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Sorry, my pea-brain couldn't put that together..............LOL

Blackshear, GA

Its funny how missing one letter can change the whole meaning of something...LOL

Provo, UT(Zone 5a) typing on my part..LOL
ya..just check the "sickies" lol.. not aware of anyone that is
sick in those posts.. lol :)
but there is some good advice on those posts..ive learned alot..and found
success applying some of it in my overwintering EEs

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