CLOSED: ID for this fly

Trenton, NJ(Zone 6b)

anyone know what this tiny little fly is called ?
found very difficult to get a clear shot as it was in a frenzy to hip hop.

Thumbnail by Bharat_Sanghavi
Minot, ND

Where was photo taken? It looks like a fruit fly (Tephritidae); if in the USA could be in genus Eutreta -

Trenton, NJ(Zone 6b)

dear Flapdoodle,
this might be a fruit fly. though i took this photo in USA, the genus does not look similar to Eutreta.
this one that i uploaded here did not closed its wings at all. its wings were upright all the time like a Geisha's fan. even when this fly scurried across, its both wings were held vertical like a battle shield.

Minot, ND

Maybe in a related family (Ulidiidae) -

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