SEPTEMBER part 2, WHAT are we working on??

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Ok... there were a LOT of messages!!

Good to read and catch up!


wow - I AM first.......... lol

Victoria Harbour, ON

Second..enjoy the banter of what all everyone is doing. Joined a machine embroidery club, meeting Oct 1st. Got my list yesterday of required needs, Christmas project that is yet unseen..excited about that..

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new thread Pat!
Betty, can't wait to see what your doing?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Not sure, maybe small throw or table runner..she sent the following and based on that can't be a large piece..

"I have started putting it together with 5 Christmas fabrics.† 4 of the fabrics I purchased at 30cm wide each (I think that is Fabriclandís minimum) and that is plenty.† The 5th fabric, I purchased a metre of so that I could use it for the inside and part of it for the outside"

You will need cut away stabilizer for the 4 x 4 hoop.† Enough for 17 hoopings per side!

Regardless, will be a way of meeting gals who like sewing!

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Always fun to meet others with similar interests.

Sure am glad Pat keeps us going with new threads!!!!! BTW, there is a quilt in the show - Dresden plates made from old ties!!!! And pat, i will get an envelope out to you soon. Wanted to add something but have yet to find it!!!!

Well missed Yoga again this AM. Was mostly awake 2-4 and then Pumpkin woke me up at 6:30. Decided to fix the spare room bed. Seems the cats had pulled the backing off the box spring and had been sleeping inside it, using it as a hammock. So we closed the bedroom door till we could get it repaired. Then Cinnamon hasnít been feeling well & Iím thinking it is in part to that door closing.
So this AM I took the bed apart, got the staple gun & heavy tape out & fixed the bed. Removed enough hair to make a new cat. And even thought to put the bed skirt on before I put the mattress back on. Door is open. No one seems to want to go in now. Cats!!!!!

Now to get some breakfast then get showered & head out for the quilt show by 1000. Iím sitting at the guild table 11-1 and then selling quilts 1-5. Iím sure I do get breaks to move around. We canít bring any food in with us so will need to get out to the car to eat. I do plan on smuggling my water bottle in with me.



lol you're right - Cats!! Who can 2nd guess them? lol

Have a good time at the quilt show!!

(Karen) Traverse Cit, MI(Zone 5a)

I went to
twice, and requested the tumbling blocks pattern by email as instructed. So far no response at all. I did file the photo away and think I could figure it out if I could figure the sizes for the pieces.


Have you tried Quilter's Cache?

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

wow, I hope the site is still maintained. Besides your posts, the others are dated in 2008.... It looks easy enough to figure out, was figuring a 6.5" block and maybe a 4-5" or whatever size block to flip n sew to the corners. The border looks to be about the same width as the blocks. Maybe someone here with EQ could map it out for you?

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

QC pattern is PPd , I checked that one out first looking for Tumbling Block instructions. Also found the one video on YT, but this one looked the easiest to put together quickly w/o cutting that 60ļ..

(Karen) Traverse Cit, MI(Zone 5a)

I looked for a way to email her directly but couldn't find a link. Perhaps someone with EQ could figure it out.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Calling it a night, been at it all day and got to where I wanted to be..

Quilt is a twin size, extra width..Darlene wanted Mikes fleece sheet on his bed used as backing so with the heaviness of the top due to various fabrics used i.e. flannel, jean, light cottons, his night robe etc. it was just too heavy to quilt so tied it..not fond of the embroidery floss but once washed it will fray and won't be as visible. Felt strange cutting up Mike's clothing as they were what I often seen him in but guess it's better than havin them sit in a plastic bag in her closet.

Not the prettiest of quilts but must say it will be the most appreciated.

Off to bed, taking 4 grandsons to USA for the weekend, Darien Lake theme part so I'll be tired/tired by the time I come home Sunday night..don't want to start our grandma/grandson weekend with my being exhausted before we start out.


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Thumbnail by Bettypauze Thumbnail by Bettypauze
Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

I like the "wonky" blocks.

I'm looking for plaids in pastel colors. Have an old, old pattern I want to use & that is how it was made. Not even sure anyone makes plaids these days.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Ya, that might be a problem except in "homespun" which would not be closely woven enough.

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Helene - you are the WOMAN!!!!!!

Well, survived the quilt show. Walked thru with a friend yesterday AM then "worked" 1-8PM. It is amazing that the show closes at 5PM and we can have all the 400+ quilts taken down, folded, and then returned to owners by 6:30 PM. Then by 8PM have collected all the props into a big pile.
I resisted buying any of the new "gadgets" being shown. One of the biggies this year was a thing to help with pressing seams open and not "warp" the fabric from over pressing. They took a piece of 1/2 round (wood trim) and slid it thru a piece of felt sewn into a tube. You lay it flat sidee down on your ironing board and put the seam on the rounded part. Then press. They sold 2 pieces in a set - 1 almost as long as the ironing board and a 2nd prob 1'. And they charged $22 for this.

And there are more gadgets out there for cutting a straight line than imaginable and everyone says theirs is the best.

I did buy a fabric bundle - 5 yds for $25. All are a pale yellow background then prints in other pale colors pink thru grey. Now to figure out what I want to make.

My friend saw a purse she liked. She bought the fabric & pattern & I will make it for her. Made from 2 1/2" strips and you use old scraps of batting and fold like a bias strip. Sew those strips together. She got a bali pack in browns. A yellow version might be nice!!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all..

nice finds Quilter, sometimes you (we) get carried away with gadgets that just don't do the to avoid unless someone has tried them and confirmed they are a must.

My yearly memory trip with 4 teen wasn't the best for Darien Lake Theme Park but it didn't seem to bother to go from ride to ride without a line up. Suite at Clarion is wonderful, 2 rooms so grandma being up and at it at 5am doesn't bother them sleeping in. Surprise/surprise, they want to get a few hours at the indoor water feature area so I'll be soon waking them up. We'll drop off for lunch before crossing back into Canada and hopefully by late afternoon we'll be home!

Did make a quick stop at Joann Fabrics..not a lot of Xmas fabrics out yet, seemed to be a lot of what I bought last year, however, did buy enough to keep me sewing on all those Christmas runners and Dresden plate table cloth until my next trip over to Frankenmuth MI in a few weeks.

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Betty - so glad to hear you are having a good time. Bit chilly up there, isn't it??? Guess kids don't care.

JoAnn's here has quite a bit out but it all looks like what I've seen in years past. I need some "pop" fabrics & hope to find some up in PA. This time next week I'll be packing.

Met the Wounded Warier ladies yesterday & will be delivering 2 RWB quilts to them this week. The WW HQ is here in JAX so no shipping costs!!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Was cold and wet..brrr

Today it's sunshine!! Oh well, weather doesn't make the trip does it.

Lots of pop fabrics at home in fabric shops but at $14.98-$22.98 a meter not sure how much pop I want. Lol


good for you, Jean!

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

this came in a newletter this morning, using plaids

they also have the Good Old Store tab at the top, lots of old fashioned EVERYTHING!!!

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Thumbnail by Kizmo
Victoria Harbour, ON

Lovely, I also subscribe and ohh'ed and ahh'd at the design.

Another to do. Lol

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

This AM I'm working on being warm. Those of you up North will laugh, but it is ONLY 64 here this AM!!!! I don't think I'll be jumping in for water aerobics any more this year. I do NOT enjoy the cool water or the cool air and refuse to wear a jacket/wet suit to exercise.

I hope to get back to the studio and sew later today but do have to get the front yard mowed before the rains move back in Wed.

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

64???? That's warmer than the 40 here this morning!!!! sweats and heavy socks this morning until I warm up with my coffee. I'm too cheap to turn on the heat...LOL

Huron, OH(Zone 5b)

heat was on this am, 38 right now.

Victoria Harbour, ON

48 here, brrr damp due to all the rain..furnace on...I'll go without food if I had to but not without heat....need to be super toasty.

Brought memory quilt in to work this I can do binding hand sewing..tonight will work on the Dresden plate table cloth or hanging..not sure which it shall be yet. Lol


it's 49 here, at 8am, and going to 77 later today!! Likely will get warmer than what they say though - it usually does..
My goodness it's cold for you!!

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

well this adapted to southern living - girl - meaning me has had sweats on since mid august of and on and constanly now. $11.00 for 2 pieces never wore them before.Went through my changes late. Owned coats and jackets never wore them. People in department stores would approach me for help because I didn't wear jackets.

I don'tlike stripes or plaids but above pattern is very interesting.
Kiz how was the showerI thought it was this weekend? Nice gifts I am sure.

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

I usually don't go for plaids either but this quilt I want to make is done in plaids & I just love the look.

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

can we see the quilt pattern

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

Helene, the shower was moved to Oct 20th and the niece's shower is Oct 14th. Thankfully, there's more time to work on them. Plus, I gave up the part time job, too much drama and tension there.... it was nice to get out among people again and make some extra money, but geez, more stress there than I had at the factory. Long story short, it definitely was a boss/employee mismatch.
Does give me more time to sew, but now am trying to catch up on all the household stuff I didn't get accomplished in the warmer weather.
I thought the triangle pattern gave the plaids a new 'direction' of sorts, simple but effective.
Back later, best get started!

Odenton, MD(Zone 7b)

My sister has a friend whose 17 year old son was in a car accident 2 weeks ago, ejected from the car, lots of broken bones and his head hit a telephone pole. Is now concious but does not recognize family members, not sure about brain function. Anyway I decided to quilt one of my tops for him yesterday, would have finished it but the cats decided I had done enough and wouldn't stay off it no matter how many times I put them down. I will finish it after work and get it off to him.

Thumbnail by Catbird423 Thumbnail by Catbird423
Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

that is one beauty. Soo right for a man. Sorry about his situation

Well kathy = it just wasn't worth it. There is a nice butterfly quilt on Mccalls quilting but not the one you arelooking for,

Victoria Harbour, ON

That is stunning..I'm sure he'll be so appreciative! What a bit of brightness to his day..

(Karen) Traverse Cit, MI(Zone 5a)

Qwilter, I really like that plaid pattern, It would be pretty in solids too. If you need some plaids I know I have a few, let me know I'll stick some in an envelope to you.

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Helene - the pattern is from a mag back in the 90s. Not on line anywhere I know of. And from the pic even hard to tell it is a plaid.

THis one is far down on the to-do list. I 1st need to make the pattern user friendly. No way am I doing all those Y seams & using templates.

Just spent almost 5 hrs doing yard work. Haven't made a dent in what needs done. It is mowed and I have a couple bushes & 1 tree trimmed. i never did make it to the Studio today.


Lovely quilt, Helene!

(thunder)Wildwood, FL(Zone 9a)

very nice quilt there Robin, sure hope everything turns out well for the young man, will keep him in my thoughts.....

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Love the quilt too Robin and will keep your son's friend in my prayers....

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