My 2012 spring Tomato season

Hutto, TX

My 2012 tomato season began with starting my own seeds using seed starting plugs. I have never used these plugs before, and I must say I was very, very impressed with my seedlings. I have mentioned before I have started my own seeds before using Jiffy Mix, and the results were just so so. I usually purchased plants from nursery's instead of planting my seedlings do to the fact the nursery plant looked so much better. Not this year. My seedlings were robust, thick stems, and lush green foliage. I did not purchase one plant from a nursery. Mine were much healthier than any on the market. There was a long thread that detailed my efforts step by step that was deleted. Oh well....
This year I grew my old stand by's Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Big Beef, Stupice, and Rutgers. I also tried some new varieties. I tried Brandywine Sudduth, Roma, Amish Paste, and Indian Stripe (thanks to Lisa). Cherokee Purple, Big Beef, and Stupice did very well. Black Krim produced lots of fruit, but the fruit were small, and watery. Brandywine Sudduth were delicious, but not a lot of production. I only picked about 25 tomato's, but they were delicious. I will grow again...........I will plant more than one plant. Roma did really well also, and we used for canning,and making sauce. Rutgers did not do well. I don't know why. My biggest surprise was Indian Stripe, and Amish Paste. Indian Stripe's is very similar to Cherokee Purple in appearance, and taste. They produced all summer long...unlike CP.............For Texas growers I would highly recommend Indian Stripe...........very productive (even in the Tex heat), and delicious......and the same with Amish Paste.....

Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

Horn, where did you get your starter plugs? I know Parks has sold them for ages, and now several companies have them. I may be interested in using them next year after such a positive testimonial from you!

Hutto, TX

Jo........I used IHORT, and Root Riot plugs........I purchased locally at a hydroponics store. I assume you can order on line, Just google IHORT, or Root Riot. We had a long thread about them back in Feb, and it got deleted by request. They are so easy to use. No mess at all. I prefer the Ihort plugs to the Root Riot plugs, but they both work.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks, hornstrider, for the info. I'll have to keep an eye out for Indian Stripe.

I had a good tomato year as well. Texas was pretty good to me and my tomatoes this year. My real surprises were the Livingston seeds I bought from Victory seed. They are a northern company and I really did think these were more geared for the Northern gardener. But Gulf State Market (Livingston strain)and Livingston Oxheart really turned out well. I'll need to grow and eat them for a few more years to get the true Texas adaptability for my garden, but it was really fun to try something new and not have the elements squash my garden fun into dust!

On to next year!

Brazoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Our best producer this year were Romas and Mortgage Lifters that we bought at a local nursery.
Not as many as I would have liked, and definitely not the best tomato plants for Texas heat.

I am trying to decide what varieties to grow next spring, after reading hornstrider's post think I will add Indian Stripe and Amish Paste.

I grew Brandywine in 2011, but had the same experience--they don't seem to produce many tomatoes per plant.

Hmm. And now I am curious about the plugs, will be researching IHORT and root riot.

Thanks for the info:)

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