CLOSED: Redbirds in a Tree (Scrophularia macrantha)

Belton, TX


(Scrophularia macrantha)

COST: Three for $16.00

SIZE: Well-rooted 2.5" Plugs, top-growth is sufficient to plant into garden or container, many are blooming in the container


SHIPPING AND HANDLING: Three plants, USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation...$7.95

Most commonly sought as Redbirds in a Tree, this charming perennial native is hardy in USDA zones 5a through 10b.

The blooms are a crimson red and tubular-shaped for the hummingbirds. Blooming begins in late spring or early summer and continues throughout the summer and fall with an almost constant display of deep green foliage and abundant red blooming spikes. While the blooms are certainly the star of the show, the highly-scented foliage is a huge asset in the garden.

Redbirds in a Tree is considered a must for the Butterfly and/or Hummingbird Garden. Bees and night moths also feed from this plant. Once established, the perennial is drought-tolerant and an excellent addition to the Xeric Garden. The plant is positioned in full sun at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, but the bloom is truly perpetual if the plant is positioned in high or partial shade. The plant is tolerant of many soils, including clay, but demands good drainage.

Redbirds in a Tree is often classified as a small decidous shrub, but the plant actually behaves much more as a salvia than a shrub. It is an excellent choice for planting in and among other salvia or well-stemmed perennials such as coneflowers. Stems on this perennial are no taller than 36" to 48", but Redbirds in a Tree stems can sprawl more than 8' in a season.

PLANTS FOR THIS OFFER: The plants that are available are first year, well-rooted plants currently growing in 2.5" plug containers. The roots are well-developed and substantial and many of the plants are blooming in the containers. As much top-growth as possible will be maintained for shipping. The top-growth seldom travels well and may be broken during shipping.

SHIPPING: The plants will be shipped with soil. The root-ball will be wrapped in dampened materials and encased in plastic to maintain moisture during shipping. Delivery Confirmation information will be available to the buyer to assist in tracking the package delivery.

Each plant is labeled with the common and botanical name.

Note on Shipping...we monitor the weather prior to shipping, but will keep you informed of any changes to our shipping schedule.

PAYMENT: Paypal...and you do not have to have a Paypal account to pay with Paypal.

If you have any questions or would be interested in a current inventory, please contact me either through D-mail or directly at [email protected] (victor victor michael dot com) with the plant name in the subject line please.

All of our plants are grown and raised organically and we take pride in our satisfied clients because they become friends...Thanks, WaWa's Girls, LLC

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Belton, TX

Only a few days left for the ad to run...Thanks

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