Rita Randolph Closing her Greenhouses :^((

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

Have you received the Email about Rita closing RANDOLPH’S GREENHOUSES?

We will still live in Jackson and see you along the way!
Visit us on Face Book or at this e mail address.
& thanks again for ‘sharing’ !!!

To all our friends,

We’ve decided to close Randolph’s Greenhouses as a retail
business and I wanted to let you know personally so that you won’t hear it
as “rumor”. Our last day to be open is September 30th, 2012.
I hear some of you asking why (or was that “How could you?!?”). It wasn’t
an easy decision, because Randolph’s has been a fun endeavor, continuing the family business that began just after WWII. But seeing as the business grew so large and all encompassing of our lives, we realized we were not able to restore old glass greenhouses and 50-year-old plumbing, and still make a profit in these economic times.
I want more time to do what I love most—gardening, writing, lecturing about plants, spending time with family and friends (and sleeping through cold winter nights instead of fretting about antique greenhouse heaters going out in the middle of the night).
I have dozens of articles and books I want to write and several new lectures
in the works. I plan to continue working in horticulture to see what new plants I can produce or promote for others. I may do some design work for other businesses creating displays, container combinations and such.
Additionally I plan to open Rita’s Rare Plants as a mail order company. I love growing and propagating… it’s in my blood. I will never stop growing plants… I just want life on a smaller scale than 10 greenhouses on 20 acres.
Thank you for your support, encouragement, and patronage these past twenty-five or thirty years. It’s a pleasure to work in a business that does so much to
support fellow gardeners and growers, sharing ideas, passion, pain and pure joy with each other openly and freely.
Please keep in touch. One of the most wonderful parts of having been
Randolph’s Greenhouses is that I’ve gotten to know you and your gardens. You can
continue to reach me on facebook as Rita Randolph, or email me at randolphs@charter.net

Again, thank you for the patronage, friendship, generosity, and kindness that sustained us while we worked here. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Rita Randolph


Ripley, MS

I saw this on FB last night and it makes me very sad, we will miss our tripin April !

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Yep, very sad. We will have to make some new plans for April!

Little Rock, AR

So glad I was able to experience Rita's. That was the start of my DG journey!!! It was great, except for the tornadoes that we didn't know were happening at the time. I hate to see landmarks go away!!!! :(

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