Iris seeds... long shot.

CREZIERES, France(Zone 8a)

I recently helped a friend tidy up the garden of his deceased mother's house. In it I found a load of rhizomatous irises that had bloomed some months before and which had a few seed heads intact. So I snaffled the seeds...
The Irises were moderately large with leaves of ~ 60cm/2ft and flower stems about 90cms /3ft. Leaves were 'normal' iris leaves.
I didn't have my camera so couldn't photograph the irises, but here is a pic of the seeds.
Since I would much like to give the seeds the appropriate germination treatment, can any of you enthusiasts, give any informed guess as to what they might be?

I know it's a long shot, but hey, you are a clever bunch!


Thumbnail by cinemike
South Hamilton, MA

We plant in pots or boxes outside over the winter. If you have a cold fraome use that, or as we do dig a trench & put the pots there. Cover with wire to keep birds or squirrels from digging up the seeds. How cold does it get where you are? Iris seeds need cold to germinate next spring.

CREZIERES, France(Zone 8a)

I'm in west central France - bad winter to -18 deg C. Average -10 deg C minimum.
That's great advice. Germinated a load of Irises last winter with no problem from birds. So will try again this winter.

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