Springtime in the BRUGMANSIA garden..

Brisbane, Australia

Starting a new thread with another photo of Tintarella with petal tips tucking.

Only a couple of people have asked me for seeds of FFA X Fernando and FFA X Mango Cornet. Have heaps of these so if anyone wants any please D mail me.

Dianne.. Finally picked the first pod today of Fernando X PP(fasciation pollen). Will let it dry out a few days and extract the seeds. Should be able to post seeds to you sometime next week.


We came from here....

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Sydney, Australia

Thankyou Allan, sorry I have visitors (again) people tend to go for Country drives on these lovely Spring days and we are on the main road.

We came from here with thanks to all the contributors ^_^

Allan she is only half tucked up yet, unless she performs differently in warmer temps, here she was on frosty mornings opening a pale lemon and tanning up as she tucked up those skirts and morphed into a star face.

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NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Lovely to see 'Tintarella' doing her thing! Thanks for the feedback Allan. I will be sending Alistair a few cuttings tomorrow - it will be interesting to see how she goes at MM.
Great day here in Sydney!

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Lovely pics of Tintarella, nice little thing.....
Thanks Allan, I will look forward to the FxPP seeds, they will probably produce something pretty regardless of the fasciation aspect.
The Pink Panther flowers have been white up until yesterday and now the colour is starting to show, thank goodness.....lovely to smell them again too...

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

hi there all, it looks like 'Tintarella' is showing off as her skirt is flicked up in the air. nice to read about each experience with her, me im not that much of a fan of that type of bloom being fully tucked back but that's my chose and probably change when i develop one like it hahahaha

I went to a friends place today and on the way i stopped at a public garden that i knew had AT in and found 3 different varieties 1: Knightii 2:aurea 3:?OA?
i got cuttings from aurea & ?OA?
here is the pic of aurea(footscray) i coined it (footscray) because that is where i found it like most of my others

so am i right that Dianne, Jean & myself are the aurea collectors?????? i will have a few for you girls soon

Dianne love how PP is setting his color as the days get warmer my PP is getting bigger with every day

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Merino, Australia

Very pretty. Shaun.
There is no mistaking the cheeky aurea face, is there ?

You are so lucky being in a place where you can chance on different brugs.
I have never seen one anywhere that I have been in this area , just the knightiis at Portland.

Yes , I love all the aureas and have been buying OS brug seeds with aurea genes.

Between us we should have plenty of variety.

My brugs are on the move again today as I gradually get them all out of the corners they have been in during winter.

My pods are still hanging on but looks like it may still be a while until they ripen.

Seeds (if any) will be available later.

Mango Cornet is still flowering and GHA is getting ready for his next huge flush.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Was that Footscray Park? Shaun....you should have seen it years ago....only about two thirds are left....we lived nearby and it was such a beautiful place...in my mother's time when the Melbourne Cup was on, crowds of people would sit on the hill and watch the cup from there.....
There is a Henry Lawson bust there and his appreciation society used to meet for poetry readings...

Now you're going to tell me that it wasn't the Footscray Park....lol.....and yes, you, Jean and I are the Aurea collectors.....
I like the look of that aurea too, I think I need to make a trip to my cousin's, she lives 10 mins away from the park...


Sydney, Australia

I love the Aurea too , but then I love the many differences in the Brugs. If we all loved the same things it would be such a boring World. Tintarella is a very cute little Brug to my eye, however that Star face may not be your cup of tea Shaun ^_^ it is very different to all of my Brugs so far, I just imagine a bunch of those star faces looking down at me later when she is bigger.

Well it's Monday and once again I have to fill in for an absentee so ...hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go.

Have a beaut day everyone hope you get to enjoy the garden !


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne yes it is Footscray park and i know it well, there are only a few (3)plants there these days i also remember 15 years ago there were like 30-40 plants but the majority of them were Knightii but over the years i have been watching them and when i notice that there is some thing different i get a cutting, i have got enough cuttings if all take i will have 3 plants which i will send you & Jean one each.

If you are going to go to that garden the plants are up near the tafe collage.
sorry that there are not that many aurea's around the area that you live but im sure that in the back streets of Geelong there would be a few im sure as it is an older area and many places look like they could have them. I remember a Nursery out that way called Wallingtons they had many and Unusual plants we used to travell there every 3-4 months because of that reason only.

Hope every one is having a productive day looks like the sun is out hitting all plants and getting them strong and healthy

Clifton Springs, Australia

That lovely nursery at Wallington was sold and closed about 8? yrs ago, Shaun....it was just like a park itself, wasn't it.....do you remember the huge metal stork statues that stood in the little lake?....someone stole them before the property was sold and the police could never figure out how they got them out of out of the water...
Needless to say they were never recovered.....

You are quite right about Geelong having Brugmansias in the back streets, there are lots of them there and Queenscliff....especially Sanguineas...
My Iochroma has flowered all thru winter, I cut it back the other week and it's flowering again...very rampant grower....

Merino, Australia

Beware the Iochromas, Dianne....lol

Yes , mine flower all the time and are such huge growers.
It must be nearly time for another chop chop on mine.

Sydney, Australia

You Southerners sound like you are having fun ...all those Iochroma and coldies etc.

Here where I am it is now quite warm already, much more normal for Australian Spring than the last 3 or 4 years.
The Brugs are waking quickly now, but due to the extra cool and overcast Winter they are way behind compared to the previous years. I always had a show for the long weekend but I estimate at least a month to six weeks before we get flushes here.
Jean and Shaun did you still want Axelrose ? sorry but I don't know who has what now, so let me know if you do.
The big trunks on Maya that were Plain leaved will have their flushes in a few weeks, I am looking forward to that.

It's so great to see the Winter grown seedlings growing happily outside in the dappled shade, I fed them some dilute Seasol yesterday and I could see the difference overnight. I know they will rocket away now ...it was great Winter fun and very educational.
EA x PS x ? seeds have popped up already (planted the day after I shipped yours out ) of course I am anxious to see my own doubles popping up (planted 3 days later) ...today I can see those little tiny hills you get in the soil before the eruption of the little green arch.

I hope everyone is having a great time in their garden, I missed mine today

chrissy ^_^

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

>Lovely pics of Tintarella, nice little thing...< Seachanger.

Thank you Dianne for your positive feedback. We will wait and see how she goes. So far so good regarding form, colour, fragrance, P&D resistance. Performance in different climate zones will be interesting to monitor. I guess like all of our new cvs., only time will tell.

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy thank you but you have already sent me a cutting of Alexrose so im not in need of it!

talking about the ((winter V spring)) seedlings i think that planting mine in august is better then any that i sowed in the winter the difference is astonishing well for me any way. so it looks like ill be sowing majority of my seeds in the last month of winter AUGUST

the seedlings are already up to there 3-4 sets of true leaves and the trunk is starting to harden of which the winter ones are a little weak and need to be kept in for protection but i do put them out during the day when im home

Dianne such a shame that Wallington's closed down i got a purple leaved Yucca from there and have only just got it named how funny that thing change but stay the same

Edited to add thread to BLOG

This is every thing i have with out the germinating seedlings

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Sydney, Australia

I thought you lost it ...that's good.Yes the Winter seedlings are really such a revelation. I will start Winter veggies next Winter now I see what can be done.
If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it.

Sad to see so many places gone ...it's the way of the World.


Merino, Australia

Chriss, I dont have Axelrose, just one cross seedling. Love to have a piece if you have spare.
thank you.

Looking forward to seeing my little Tintarella show her stuff here.

Sydney, Australia

Ok Jean ^_^ no worries.

Must get out there before it gets too hot, yes more Sun. Very dry. Typical Aussie weather, I haven't seen it for a few years now.
Guess it will be a challenge keeping everything watered this year. I have almost forgotten what endless watering feels like.
Enjoy your morning everyone !


Sydney, Australia

Soaking more today (so excited) More more more ...(utter madness) ^_^

Hazelnut Buttercup x LBG
Creamsickle x Super Spot
Creamsickle x LBG
Phanomenal x Luminosa x Charleston
Sam x Birgit (so loving that Birgit)

I am doing them in manageable groups.

Found three of my TT x Heart of Gold seedlings have popped up (Of course that is a huge thrill !)

What babies are you soaking right now/ or are popping up?

Allan 'Frilly Dilly' is racing away,
The Pink Buck's Fizz type cutting from Wayne is shooting from beneath the medium (thought that one had been taken by frost)
Spring is so amazing in the Brug Garden ...the sticks are coming to life !
Of course not all are sticks, but so many were, I think it was due to lack of Sun and so much rain in the cold that did it, I was very concerned re rotting roots with cold wetness. This is where the sand saved the plants I am sure, however I will pay the price in drought ...mucho watering !
I have had the best morning, soaking seeds, planting seeds and seedlings.

Also planted:
Black Hungarian chillies, Kale, Tommy Toe tomatoes, more of the Italian Giant Italian Parsley (you can never have enough),Swiss Chard,Spaghetti squash, zucchini, more lemon, lime and cinnamon basil, green zebra tomatoes,cape gooseberries and blah blah blah.
Sorry I get carried away ...as we all know, it's a long way from seed to the final outcome, but gosh it's exciting isn't it ?
Enjoy your day !
Go little Bruggies go !


Sydney, Australia

Hey Shaun and everyone look what Edna found over at BGI ^_^

I have seen this name up in the trades I think ...wanting to swap Elderberry seeds or something like that.
I think they are laughing over USA way ...Old Apricot is very rare you see :)


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy i saw that about 2 weeks ago and with the other colors ie:all RARE
so is this what i have to do to get them to sell better in the future?????

and to send OS what a load of crap

i still will add a few varieties as they come throw and i do cuttings that is if it's OK with the person that i have got the plant from ie:breeder

Sydney, Australia

Well I suppose it's rare if you don't know Brugs.
Rare are the ones not out there ^_^


Merino, Australia

Just shows what people will do to sell something..
I have seen numerous plants on eBay that are "rare" .

One example I saw a few years ago was a grass that grows like a weed everywhere I have seen it...paspalum.
Another was a person selling about 5 seeds of the ' rare ' common nasturtium

Shaun, maybe you need a blue brug , just like the blue rose I saw on eBay a few months ago.

I am still surprised to see people actually believing & buying these....lol


Sydney, Australia

Good morning all you Brug Nuts ...and it is a good morning. We experienced a light shower early this morning and it will be a delicious 24 C today, the nights are warming 13C overnight. Perfect !

Awe, no one wants to talk about their seeds ...ok, well guess we will find out when they grow up.

Don't you just love it when they sink overnight ? (Big Smile).

I am having so much trouble trying to restrain myself LOL ! What gardener doesn't huh ?

Jean that veggie place (seeds) you recommended is fantastic.
ebay ? well it can be a curse, I am fairly new to it (my first year).
Still I can remember from many years ago, how easily sucked in you can be, if you are new to gardening (prior to ebay it was advertisements in gardening magazines).

Well better get out there ...have a great day everyone ! ^_^


Sydney, Australia

Phew ...don't you just love the smell of the Seasol and manure etc.
Just popped in for a coffee ...looks like everyone is busy out there, yup Spring sure does put some Spring in your step,just wish I didn't smell of ... Phew ^_^

See Ya later


Clifton Springs, Australia

Yes Chrissy, Seasol and manure are a smelly mix, but aren't they wonderful for the garden...
I've done that job, now it's the worm box that will give me some lovely liquid fertilizer with out any odour......
My seedlings are doing a bit of a sulk because I put them outside.....they had to go because they were getting so tall...
Next month I will sow another batch.....

Maybe this year, one of us will get an orange double like Clementine....or Chrissy will get her white or Jean her pink Aurea.....I don't know what I want, but if Jean gets the pink Aurea, Shaun and I will be on the waiting list....

I am also looking forward to the lemon suaveolens flowering, remember I got the cutting from the Geelong gardens....it's been slow to grow.....
Well back outside to enjoy that sunshine.

Sydney, Australia

Lemon Suaveolens ? I know I should remember but ...it wasn't the Aztec Gold was it ?

Oh yes my special double white ...I expect one or two from TT x Heart of Gold ^_^ and perhaps some crosses from OS.

Allan my seeds are soaking already, thankyou ! I will take special care of them.

Enjoy your evening everyone ! it's been a great day for me ...I am now a member of The Brug Hoarders Club ^_^
Courtesy of BGI and fellow suffers .


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Yes just like you Girls I fertilized today also with Seasol & Charlie carp i used all of the 1 Litre of each of them to do my whole garden but could not folia feed the large plants they will have to wait for next time 2 weeks from now.

I had a customer here today to pick up a Brug that she bought from Ebay, Allan will know her as she bought Fernando from him also her name is Vicky and im sure that we will be meeting her soon on DG

i also went for a walk to get some ripe seed to Cestrum elegans today and saw a trolly on a persons nature strip and it had some very stunning alpine & Cottage perennials she is a member to the Ferny creek Hort Society and we had a chat for over an hour her Garden is stunning and she has many very rare plants and a few that have never hit the market such as Digitalis with pink spots not the deep purple as in the common CV. I will be keeping in contact with her also many new friends today

beautiful day out there today about 20oC and a very pleasant evening also

Sydney, Australia

Ha ha ha oh not that yet ...my nose couldn't handle it, yet perhaps in a week or two ...I have the 5 litre one ...but honestly ...it makes me gag, great for the Brugs I agree. Edited to say ...it's the Charlie Carp I mean, the blood and bone, cow poo and chicken pellets are enough to deal with right now.

You sound like you are having a ball Shaun, that's good ! Those plants sound very interesting.
Before I went Brug crazy I had a large collection of unusual plants ...now I have a Wild Jungle and a Brug Factory lol.

Guess I will reacquaint myself with the more dainty and formal stuff when I move in a couple of years.
I might need therapy though ^_^ in order to cope with size restriction and my manic Brug Hoarder condition.


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West of Brisbane, Australia

Quote from DeadlyNight :

i also went for a walk to get some ripe seed to Cestrum elegans today

Is this from a plant growing in somebody's front yard? I'd like to prune mine but am holding off in the hope that they might set seed. As both the pink and purple are flowering at the same time, I'm hoping that they might cross-pollinate.
Haven't fertilised the garden yet as we haven't had any real rain yet.
Meanwhile, here are three of my abutilon seedlings, all different shades of pink.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Sydney, Australia

Aren't they pretty ^_^ ...good luck with the cestrum cross ...sounds interesting.
you can cross your own lanterns now too. I made a double pink a while ago. Got quite a surprise.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Cestrum yes they are in some ones garden and i have about 30 seed which i have never grown from seed, when cestrum self pollinate do the seed come true to the parent or is there a variant to them that could be interesting?????
it will be very interesting to see if the cestrum set pods for you and if they cross it would be nice to see what may come of those

Those Abutilon seedlings are very pretty cestrum good luck with them,

West of Brisbane, Australia

Quote from chrissy100 :
Aren't they pretty ^_^ ...good luck with the cestrum cross ...sounds interesting.
you can cross your own lanterns now too. I made a double pink a while ago. Got quite a surprise.
Was the parent a double? My seedlings are from bought seed, so I don't know what the parents were like or how shape and colour are passed down. Will be good when my own seeds start flowering, maybe this growing season for the first of them with a bit of luck.

[quote="DeadlyNight"]Cestrum yes they are in some ones garden and i have about 30 seed which i have never grown from seed, when cestrum self pollinate do the seed come true to the parent or is there a variant to them that could be interesting?????
it will be very interesting to see if the cestrum set pods for you and if they cross it would be nice to see what may come of those

I don't know as I haven't grown any from my own seed but I hope to find out if either of them gets a seed capsule.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Sydney, Australia

I can't remember now cestrum ... I only had one double lantern it was white, the rest were all singles. If you look I bet you will find seed capsules on yours.

Lots to do today as usual ...30C expected here today. Sunny no rain. (looks like no new Spring pods this year- too hot already).

Have fun everyone !


Sydney, Australia

Just popped back in to say ...

YIKES ...snake and 28 spotted ladybird alert !

That long tail I saw near the boardwalk was no Blue Tongue ...it slithered too quickly as I approached, I hope it was the red bellied black. Scared of them too ... BUT we had the really scary ones out front last Summer ...this was in the back (I where I work every day) I wondered why all the birds were screeching, I thought perhaps a baby might have fallen from the nest. It caused a few heart flutters here I can tell you. We are clearing out the jungle ...I don't think they are happy about it.
At least noise makes those ones run away, but those brown ones are aggressive.I have lived here for 21 years now and until last year never saw any snakes but the red bellied blacks.

Those little chomper 28 spotted lady birds are here ...I have squished a few this morning. Grrrr I really really Hate them. Get squishing.

Be careful out there ...
I have butterflies in the tummy ...such a sook !


Sydney, Australia

It's been very warm today but it's sprinkling outside ...happy happy !

33C expected here tomorrow ...Spring rains, happy garden and it stops the snakes coming out ! ^_^

Enjoy your evening everyone.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

i have been at work all day and only saw dribs & drabs of the sunshine
very nice tho
I will be out side tomorrow night after work to do a bit more in the gardens
have a great night and keep that babies popping

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Well things are looking very interesting in the fiels of Ebay!
i have a buyer that lives around the corner form me and he is interested in Brugs Duh!!!
the funny thing is ""do you remember me mentioning Colchester Rd and all the Brugs in the Garden!!!!""" well he is the original owner of those plants so i can get a few name to them he had a separation from his wife about 4-5 years ago and had found me on eBay and wants to catch up and buy from me could be some of his original plants
he was just mentioning that the garden there was not looked after and the plants are neglected which i belive to be true. so i have found another Brug nut close by how funny they are seeming to be close to me or is it just coincidence????
you tell me hahahha

Merino, Australia

Great going Shaun. Now we may all know more names of your brugs .

I think its a brug germ that attracts bruggies to each other...lol..

Sydney, Australia

We are now entering the Brug Twilight Zone ^_^


Good for you Shaun.


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Sydney, Australia

Sweating up a storm here, just a touch under 30C at 10 am ...whew, rain expected later.

Seeds popping up all over the place, remember once they have their true leaves, if you are stretched for time ...put those babies into a cool area until you are ready to deal with them. You can keep them in a semi dormant state that way if you don't feed them. Just a little diluted seaweed tonic.

Remember my Earth Angel x Pink Smitty crosses x ? (germinated inside the pods ) I really didn't think I could save them but ...
Some are sticking their little arches up this morning ...I planted them up in ice cream containers with a glad wrap covering (I sort of just did a bandaid job due to thinking they wouldn't make it.) In years gone by I didn't worry about my own too much, but this time I will ...funny if they are all white huh ? If they have a pretty shape I won't mind.

Looking back at an old thread, I found a memory jogger ... of having dusted some early blooms with TT , I had quite forgotten that.My memory isn't great when stressed.

So of course I feel compelled to grow these babies out ...the bulk of them were donated by mother nature but at least three pods were dusted with TT , I didn't note it down at the time, sure it wouldn't work in Summer. Thinking back we had a cluster of cool wet days, I think it may have done the trick ...of course it may be just wishful thinking. Oh well, hopefully I might find a real surprise in there one day. I remember dabbing that pollen on anything that bloomed at the time ... Heart of Gold was not ready at that those first flushes on TT. TT has multiple blooms in quick succession once it starts up, even through most of Winter until the Frost hit some of it. A great trait as specially when you are looking for a good parent for your babies.
Excuse the rambling-hope it all made sense ...it's the Brug disease ^_^

Enjoy your Friday ...long weekend ahead here, and Daylight Saving here in NSW !

chrissy ^_^

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