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Anybody know what this is? Is it dangerous?

Rifle, CO

I just discovered this guy or gal yesterday. It stays all curled up like pictured during the day and at night it comes out on this HUGE web but I cant get a pic of him in the night time cuz it's too dark.... :-/ I have an 8 month old daughter so I want to be sure that this guy or gal is alright to let hang out till it moves on. Thank You!!!!

Thumbnail by MeaganMarie
Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Can't ID your spider, but none of the species of spiders hazardous to humans in the US build big webs and "hang out".

(Zone 7a)

An Orbweaver and not dangerous. She'll hang out there during the day and then build her web at night. When it gets too cold for her, she'll go into hiding for the winter.

I found this for you...It has some interesting info.

Minot, ND

Could be Araneus gemmoides -
Like other Araneus sp., its markings can be quite variable.

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