CLOSED: A Couple from England

Wappingers Falls, NY

I spotted both of these on some farmland in England, I'm fairly sure I know what they are but just need some confirmation:

Bird 1 - Stonechat?

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Wappingers Falls, NY

Bird 2 - Meadow Pipit? These were in a large flock hiding in the fields.

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Wappingers Falls, NY

Just remembered a third one I had:

Willow Warbler? It wasn't making the familiar ChiffChaff song, instead just a single high pitched squeak. They also looked yellower on the breast than ChiffChaffs I've previously seen.

Thumbnail by ChirpChirp
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

#1 - yep, Stonechat (European Stonechat to be exact), female.

#2 - yep, Meadow Pipit.

#3 - juvenile Chiffchaff. It has black legs (yellowish on Willow Warbler), and the yellower breast is a character of juveniles. The call note is as you describe, a single 'hweet' note, whereas WW's call is a disyllabic 'hoo-eet'.


Wappingers Falls, NY

Excellent, cheers Resin.

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