SOLVED: ID This Plant

Newton, WI

This plant just grew between a patio stone block. The height of this plant is 6 feet tall and has 6 flowers to 1 stem and have long slender bean pods under the flower..The leaves have a minty smell The flowers don't have any smell to them at all...I look at bee balm plants which also has a minty leaf smell but they are smaller in size..I also looked at the horse bee balm and that came close to what I have but I want opinions from others and what they think it is...This (Giant) plant is beautiful when it blooms.....If anyone is interested in some seeds, let me know what you have to swap...Tx

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Fort Collins, CO

Hi Skipaloo! The plant you have is Cleome hassleriana

Newton, WI

Thank You soo much! also found this gave me alittle me detail since we are neighboring states:

The showy flowers have an odd structure and appearance, although this is not unusual for Cleome spp. (Bee Plants, etc.) and the related Polanisia spp. (Clammyweed). Among the species in this group that naturalize in Illinois, Spider Flower has showier flowers than most and the filaments of its stamens are exceptionally long (2-3" in length). It is also larger in size than these other species (up to 5' tall). The closely related Cleome serrulata (Rocky Mountain Bee Plant) is occasionally adventive from the Western states. It has compound leaves with only 3 leaflets, while the compound leaves of Spider Flower usually have 5-7 leaflets. Species of Clammyweed are distinguished from Cleome spp. primarily by their seedpods, which lack stipes (a beak-like structure in front of the seedpod). An older scientific name for Spider Flower is Cleome spinosa, which refers to the spiny stipules

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