Want broccoli & cauliflower seeds for fall garden

Orlando, FL

Somehow I messed up and do not have any broccoli or cauliflower for my fall garden. Not sure how I did that. Would anyone have any spares they would share? Any amount is better than none. I am open to any kind or color. Common or different. I help feed my elderly neighbors, want to make sure I have some.

I have fresh this summer for trade
Ananos Noir tomato seeds
Lemon Boy tomato seeds
Spoon Tomatoes, drying, but ready in a few days.
Lemon Basil seeds
Lime Basil seeds
Little Bell Morning glory
Small amounts of numerous squash. Just ask I may have what you want.
I have a bunch of seeds from last year, so feel free to ask.

Thanks so much.

Elk Horn, KY

Am pretty sure i have some of each to share:) do u happen to have any japanese mg's?

Orlando, FL

No Chinese MG"S sorry. Only MG I have is Little Bell MG.

Orlando, FL

Any body have some seeds they can share? I really wanted to grow some for the neighborhood.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

What exactly are the cultivar names of Chineese morning glory ? You might try the dollar store ,sometimes they still have a few of this past seasons seeds on the shelf, Only I'm sure some one will reply who has some eventually.

Tampa, FL

I can send some your way if you give me an address. They'd get there quick, too, since I'm in Tampa.

I'd love some of the lemon boy tomato, spoon tomatoes (don't even know what that is) and whatever of the basil you'd like to send.


Orlando, FL

Gnarlyfarm Thanks I will dmail my addy.

The spoon tomatoes are so tiny you can put 8 or 9 in a spoon. The kids love them and a man down the street makes relish with his. Odd little things, fun though. I am drying some again the first seeds are gone. It would take a couple days to dry so I can ship them. I also have some Ananos Noir tomatoe seed ready.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)


I don't collect broccoli seeds, much less cauliflower. Do you think your friends would want to try Bok Choy, or I have some Chinese Cabbage on order. Young Bok Choy or Tatsoi make good salad greens and both can be steamed, boiled or sauteed.

However, they are COOL weather vegetables and like continuously moist soil. I hear Florida is hot and sandy.

Orlando, FL

I grow cool weather plants in the fall and think they may like your goodies as they have salad for lunch every day and soup 3 times a week. I have not tried your veggies but think it would be fun. Did I have something you wanted to trade for? LMK I have amended the soil greatly and we get a good amount of water here.

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Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

When the serason is ri9ght, and iof you give me aq few months notice, I would love a tuber of your flame-red Canna Lily. But FIRST I wnat to m ake sure I have a good place to put it. I have killed too many plants! Maybe sometime next spring or the year after that, after I've built another raised bed??

Does your crowd like spicy salad like mustard leaves? I do have a few like that. But if not, the zingiest thing I would send is pretty, frilly Mizuna and 'Osaka Purple' Mustard which they SAY is mild, but maybe that is "mild for a mustard". I'm a wimp when it comes to salad, and if it's exciting, I boil it a little.

Otherwise, I woud just send a variety of things that are good in salad or soup. I'll lean it towards things that have some heat tolerance (heat-tolerant for a Brassica, anyway).

I recently received some red and purple Bok Choy and Tatsoi. Green or Red Bok Choy or Tatsoi are all great for salad when young, and soup when older. Very mild flavor in the sense of "not mustard-spicy".. There are pictures on the Kitazawa and Tainong web sites.

If the Chinese cabbage seeds get here soon, I'll include 1-2 pkts of those. I bet they would have enough heat-tolerance for your cool seasons! I'll have Napa, Michihili, semi-spreading and loose-head!

Do you know if you'ld like Red Amaranth? It needs warmer weather than I have.

I now have so much variety that I won't test them all in one year and I HOPE I can try some each in the next two years. I would love to know how any do for you and what you like. When I split up the biggest pkts I received from Kitazawa, I got 10-15 small pkts for trade. They won't plant 200 ft of row, but probably would direct-sow a 50-foot row. And if you start seedlings, I think you could plant 200 feet. If you sow too thickly, sprinkle the thinned microgreens on top of your salad, and no one has to take vitamins that day!
edited to say:

I see I already owe you some seeds!
some Yellow, gold, orange or bi-color tomatoes. Jaune Flammee
I don't have "Yummy" Bell Pepper, a small yellow great tasting pepper

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Fabens, TX(Zone 8a)

Rick, Could you please tell me where you are getting the seeds for the Red/Purple Bok Choy, and Napa Cabbage from? I have been growing for the past 2 falls and winters( with frost cloths during Winter) Pak Choy. It has done very well in my zone 8. And I would like to try those Red/Purple and Napa. Thanks for any information you could give.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

I don't see your address in the Address Exchange, but if you want to test 6-8 small samples of these for postage, let me know. I can send a bubble mailer for $2.50.

I mostly already split these up into 1/8th tsp or 1/16th tsp each, which is a lot if you start seedlings in cells, and enough for a test if you direct-sow. There's enough tiny seeds in 1/16th tsp that they would take me a while to count! I could more easily weigh them and tell yo milligrams.

Many were from Kitazawa, here is their main list of Bok Choy and tatsoi, including "specialty" Bok Choy and hybrids

Red Choi, Hybrid Brassica rapa Chinensis group http://www.kitazawaseed.com/seed_443-77.html
Purple Choi, Hybrid Brassica rapa Chinensis Group http://www.kitazawaseed.com/seed_411-77.html

Here is Kitazawa's Chinese cabbage main list including Napa/barrel-head, Michihili, and loose-head . From them I got 'Fun Gen', 'Green Rocket' and 'Chirimen Hakusai' Chinese cabbage (B. rapa Pekinensis Group).

I'm about to order more Chinese cabbage varietes from Tainong Seeds, my favorite place.
Two Michihili types and three Napa types.

They mainly cater to large orders for market growers, but will sell 2 grams for $2 of almost anything on their list. And they are really helpful over the phone even if you don't speak Mandarin.

Tainong order:

Takuchoy (Tatsoi)
Snow Peas (no ID)
Taiwan White Leaf lettuce 40 days. Heat & cold tolerant. Very light green.
‘Qing-Long’ 16" Dark Green Chinese Long Bean / Asparagus Bean. Name means "The Pure Dragon"

‘Jade Pagoda’ from Sakata Michihili Chinese cabbage
‘Monument’ from Takii Michihili Chinese cabbage 80 days, FALL 45 cm tall, cylindrical, 2Kg. Heat, cold & disease tolerant.

‘Mini Napa’ extra-early 50-55 days.Small, compact, called "Wa Wa Cai" when outer leaves removed, leaving only yellow hearts.
'N-55' Taiwan Napa Chinese Cabbage SUMMER. 3 pounds
'Spring Sprinter' Napa Cabbage Early, very late bolting, spring or fall 60 days. Barrel shape. 5-6 pounds.

Orlando, FL

RickCorey I can share out cannas any time you are ready. They go dormant in late dec and are up and going again in late february. Any other time, I have them. I have several colors and a good number of tubers, just let me know when you want some. I also have the Very large banana canna, I have to thin them out in the spring, They are an easy 9 feet tall, some up to 12 feet when they reach full height, they die back every winter for a couple months.

Fabens, TX(Zone 8a)

Rick, I would be more than happy to send 2.50 for them let me know how you wat it.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

PayPal is always easiest for me, and then I have "money in the bank" when I want to pay for something with PayPal.

How about if you send a Dmail with your address and preferences (heat-tolerant? Only Chinese cabbage , only Bok Choy, some of everything, you name it. But don't send any money until I DO get around to sending you the seeds!

I'm not sure if the varieties called "for spring crops" or "for fall crops" map onto TEXAS spring and fall. I'm assuming that your usual issue will be to harvest them before the summer heat stir-fries them right in the field!

Maybe we should try to pick out certain days-to-maturity. Chinese cabbage tends to be the slowest-growing, like 50-75 days. Bok Choy and tatsoi are fast: 30-50 days. If your "cool season", be it spring or fall, is shorter than 45 days, you might prefer mostly "early" varieties.

Tatsoi and "leaf broccoli" stand up to frost once established. So let the fall crop go on into winter with or without plastic cover, brush the snow off and have fresh salad makings. Tatsoi is supposed to be sweeter after a light frost.

I harvested a huge amount of clean, OP "leaf broccoli" seed after one overwintered and THEN bolted. For me, the leaves are a little strongly flaover to eat raw, so I steam or boil them a little and they are great, broccoli-flavored greens. I think I made 1/2 tsp pkts of those seeds: enoguh to plkant some LONG rows!

What interests me most is that, if your try short rows of several varieties to see what works in your season, you can report on how they worked for you! The nice thing about these brassicas is that if the summer heat or fall frosts make them bolt or stop growing, yuou can just harvest them small for extra-tender salads. Or let them bolt, save a half-c up of mixed-pollen seeds and the have fancy-shmantsy high-vitamin "micro-greens" sowed really thickly, or sprouts like broccoli sprouts. These seem to be a big fad among people who eat healthy.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Moofie, if you let me know what sounds interesting, I think I saw your address in the Address Exchange. Especially "mild vs. mustardy-spicy".

Florida might be as strange as Texas (or the coastal Pacific NorthWet) when it comes to Spring/Fall/cool season crops.

Probably your "cool season" is like Taiwan's "heat tolerant" varieties.
If you never have forst, maybe this would be a good one:

Monument’ Michihili Chinese cabbage
80 days, FALL 45 cm tall, cylindrical, 2Kg.
Heat, cold & disease tolerant.

You might discover that none of them are resistant to FLORIDA bugs, or they may not have adapted to an Asian cuisine and leave them alone!

Orlando, FL

RickCorey I think I will let you choose somethings for me. I grow 3 gardens a year. Mild would be good, but I am thinking spicey is not a good idea. I would like to try any thing new and have not tried anything you mentioned. So I am going to trust your choices, since I know nothing about them.

Curious about the red amaranth, how do you eat it? Sounds pretty interesting.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Sure thing. I'll aim for some variety, but guessing that Bok Choy & Napa or Michihili Chinese Cabbage will work out best. Probably one Tatsoi, one "Spinach Mustard" that is supposed to be relatively mild. One leaf broccoli that I have tons of seed from.

I haven't cooked any red amaranth since it needs more warmth than I can offer, and I let it get too dry once. These are the leaves, not the grain amaranth.

"Chinese spinach"
Amaranth can be substituted in any recipe for spinach, lightly stir-fried or steamed.
"Young leaves are tasty and beautiful in salads."
"Chinese cuisine typically prefers the red-leaf varieties and includes them in soups, sometimes serving the cooked leaves separately."

Orlando, FL

chinese spinach sounds fun.....I like that kind of thing in soups and salads.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Sure thing. This is "real spinach", Spinacia oleracea, not a Brassica look-alike and cook-alike.

Pointy leaves are the main differencne, but I would expect them to vary in many subtle ways.

"Oriental Spinach" Hybrid Tainong Seeds
true spinach with larger, pointed leaves

Orlando, FL

Thanks...I buy spinach often, for soups and sometimes veggie dips.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

>> I buy spinach often,

Ohhhh, you might like several kinds of these Asian greens! Bok Choy, Tatosi and "Spinach Mustard (Komatsuna) probably.

Maybe the leaf broccoli, but I thought those were quite strongly flavored. I should have taken the young leaves sooner - probably EVERYTHING gets stonger flavored when older.

I have high hopes.

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