Chocolate/peppermint conundrum.

Lakewood, OH(Zone 6a)

It is sort of a question that will help me identify some plants. The story goes like this. I bought Chocolate mint and pepermint. Planted them in separate containers. I think I put a chocolate mint cutting into my pepermint pot on accident and now everything in that pot looks like a cross between peppermint and chocolate mint or just chocolate mint. BUT the plants haven't gone to flower yet this year. Maybe the chocolate mint took over and killed the peppermint? Maybe I never had any peppermint to begin with? I know the stick on the left is chocolate mint because of how dark the top is, but the rest are a variation of the ones on the right (in the left picture) with red stems and green leaves, or with green stems and green leaves with red around the edges, Or light red/green stems and green leaves with a flush of red on the underside (as in the right picture). Also the tastes have also changed a bit. There is no strong peppermint type flavor in the "peppermint" ones anymore but it isn't quite as strong of a taste as the chocolate mint ones, but similar.

Thumbnail by Robynish Thumbnail by Robynish

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