Does any grow saffron?

Vic, Australia

Years and years ago I purchase saffron bulbs, and the little stinkers have never flowered.

So am I doing something wrong, they happily put leaves up and multiply?
Do they need any specific growing conditions, maybe it doesn’t get cold or hot at the right times, or they are just happy to multiply and not flower.
I live in sand, so they grow in sandy soil – good drainage, sunny position out in the open.

I assumed they would be easy to grow and treated them just like freesias as the bulbs look quite similar.

Sydney, Australia

Sorry I don't know ...seems like a great deal of work for very little Saffron.
Here are a few links

I would plant them in pots if they were mine after reading this last link Summer, cold Winter ...not too much water or fertilizer.
Good Luck :)


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