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You know how they always say to run water in the kitchen sink until it is hot then turn on your DW? My instruction manual even says to do this. Well, after living in this house for 12 years, I just realized, because we have a manifold plumbing system in this house, running water in the sink does nothing but waste water. I know manifolds are not common in most areas but the way they work is that all the faucets hot and cold, have their own lines. The advantage is that if one line leaks you do not have to turn off everything. For example if the hot water at the sink is leaking you only have to turn off that line, the cold will still work. This is embarrassing but I just realized, after all these years, the DW has its own line and there is no way to get hot water to it in a timely manner as it is pretty far from the hot water heater. So, last night I tried something, I started it and when it filled with cold water I hit cancel/drain. I then started it again and let it fill and drained it. I did this 3 times and the water was finally hot so I let it go. My question is, is all this starting and stopping bad for the machine?

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No, it won't harm the dw. That's how they are supposed to work. Some brands will run forever if the water is not hot enough. Others have a heater that is forced to run if the water is not hot enough. We have a separate tap on our dw line to run it before we start the dw. It is like an instant hot water tap. My husband installed it when he installed the dw.

Ardesia, you are pretty smart to figure this out. Some people never understand it until we tell them to start the dw and then open it and feel the temp of the water with their hands. They often see steam and think it is hot and are astounded to find it is not.

Gosh, you're up early!

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Thank you, that is a good idea about the seperate dw tap, we could do something like that when we remodel the kitchen.

Guess I will still be wasting water but that is cheaper than the electricity to run the machine and the heater forever while that water heats up.

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