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How to handle VFT's question

Arlington, TX

I lost a lot of plants this summer. Repotted them too late and the heat took its toll and I was on an extended vacation and they were allowed to dry out. I have some that are recovering but lost all of my large pots that were full of VFTs. I found some in a nursery that were ok sized and only 5.99 so much cheaper than mail order. The issue is they are very green and are growing in pure sphagnum. I suspect that they haven't gotten much sun. What would be the best course to acclimate them? Its still getting hot here so should I wait til cooler weather to repot or wait until spring?

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

I'd wait til spring for the re-pot. Acclimate them slowly to outside conditions over the coarse of a week or 2. Giving them a bit more Sun each day. I'm in N.Y. so hopefully someone down in Texas will post their opinion. If it gets freezing in the winter there you will need to protect them from that. Stick them maybe in an unheated garage for winter.

Arlington, TX

I left the other pots outside year round and they did fine but they were in larger pots. I will wait to repot them and will keep them on the patio just in case really bad weather is coming so I can move them to the garage for a day or so.

Prosper, TX(Zone 8a)

May be a bit late but I grow all my flytraps in pure sphagnum outside with no problems and when acclimating to sun from tubes I start with a north facing window. I leave them there for 3-4 weeks or until I notice decent new growth. Then off to the East window where I leave for 3-5 weeks and see a nice coloring appear in the traps. After that I move them to the West windows where that remain until nearly doubled in size and after that they go our back in full sun for 8-9 hours and stay that way till I trade, sell, or bring back in for experiments.

Arlington, TX

I don't have windows for that. They have a lot of growth but its very green suggesting its not from being in the sun. I have them where they get an hour or so of morning sun then no direct sun the rest of the day.

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