Overwintering Passiflora

Massapequa, NY


I live in zone 7B in New York. I have three Passifloras in pots, and want to know if it's possible to overwinter and set them out next spring.

My order of preference for their winter locations:

1) Small unheated Rubbermaid shed
2) Larger unheated shed for storage of tools
3) Unheated garage attached to the side of the house
4) Crawl space basement under the house

I want to keep away from the house if possible, to minimize bugs brought in from the outside.

Once the pots are relocated, what are the water requirements, since there will be minimal exposure to rain and snow?

I was going to cut the plants back to the soil edge right before the first frosts are forcast.


Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

It depends on which passies you have, some have more cold tolerance than others. I keep my Temptaion X and my Caerulea in my attached garage. They get light there and it doesn't go below 40. I now have a greenhouse for the more tropical ones. My incarnata is in the ground so it dies back and regrows in the spring.

Massapequa, NY

Thank you much for the reply.

Tarpon Springs, FL(Zone 9b)


There is a good online magazine to read about Passiflora here;


But more specifically to the point of your question if you go to Issue #3 for 2013 at the above link, Les King has an article about what you asked.


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