Have any of you made $ from your hybrids?

West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

How do you find people willing to pay a little bit for all the work you put into creating new hybrids? I am forced to give my stuff away for free to make room and even then people often don't want my stuff. Garden centers won't take my stock even though its healthier than what they sell!

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Kinda the "cliche" or in crowd thing.? Business is business cut thy brothers throat!!

As long as it fun and what you want to do Go for it any way you can, even if many don't or won't as to your stock,many will.
Life refusals are there but are not insurmountable !!

And yes, I have failed in the same situation? And I still do my hybrids own anyway.

West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

My issue is I dont have a greenhouse so daily I have to protect my plant from the elements and animals, much more work than in a safe greenhouse. Plus I dont have a job any money is just from helping people out in the Summer. So I spend more money and effort than I get back, if I won the lottery i'd buy a huge greenhouse and start my own buisness from home growing my own plants. :)

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I give you that! however ,you have access to the classifieds here, Try for instance this .a 5.95 shipping box 5.35 flat rate here really.
You can fit say 5' 7 or 8 inch small fans of say Daylily in the box. offer for a 1.00 These would only be small, make sure you emphasize that.Not every one has $$$ for nice hybrids That is like poof instant garden,.If you get or build a decent rep people will return when they want something.
This is they way many companies for many years built there business, these day most aren't worth buying from . But that can still be done.
You can idea as to who the companies are or were,the originals had great quality control, these days though gone.
I will admit to being kinda cheap that way when for twice the price of that I get three times as much from some growers or sellers. Only sometimes myself as many just don't have the funds, I dig.!

Port Orchard, WA(Zone 8a)

Keith, I have received royalties from my Hosta hybrids, through catalog nurseries. number 1 you have to have something worth selling. that one of a kind plant that they see as marketable.

West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

Quote from hostajim1 :
Keith, I have received royalties from my Hosta hybrids, through catalog nurseries. number 1 you have to have something worth selling. that one of a kind plant that they see as marketable.

1. How do you know if a plant is worthy of a catalog?

2. How did you go about contacting people to see if they were interested, who decides what makes the cut?

Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

You didn't mention what kind of plants you are referring to but I sell hybrid iris and daylilies on Ebay and have been doing that since 2011 when I figured out I could not raise them all due to shrinking garden space.

Since beginning of November, I sell my own hand pollinating iris and daylily seeds on Ebay. Again, I can't grow them all either.

I keep track of the parents and have the photos when they bloom. I sold a lot of my bloomed seedlings this past summer. Buyers like the idea that they are the only ones that have a particular iris plant and can name it. I have one customer who purchased one for each of her relatives and named them in their honor. She wants a red seedling next year. I sold out this year. When I sell a seedling, they will get all there is of that particular cross. So it is a good bargain.

During the summer months, starting in April, I sell colorful Sempervivums (hen and chicks) then iris plants, followed by daylily plants after blooming season. I have been sellling plants since 2004.

Below are iris seedlings blooming at 14 months. Many sold. I kept some to use as parents in my hybridization program.

Thumbnail by blomma

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