Pineapple - Brownish-Red spots on leaves

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Iím a first time poster here and a started in home garden.
I have a pineapple crown planted in the pot, Started seeing the brownish-red dots all over the matured leafs from last one week. Could anyone comment, is it normal or any is due to deficiency or insects. Any suggestions in case if this is not normal?
It was planted from the crown of a ripe fruit. Right now no fertilizers applied. Watering is done on alternate days, just enough to keep the soil wet. The pot is placed in the balcony, and direct sunlight for about 2 hours during the morning time and rest of the time it is under the shadow only. Grown for about 8 months, matured leafs are 12 to 18 inches long. Checked the plant and no insects are visible.
Thanks in advance!

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ussually I use a plastic cup method first with them: You want to take of the crown of the pineapples by twisting it from the fruit. After, very carefully start taking the smaller leaves out from the base, till yuo have a nice amount of the white/yellowish base showing (1/2 inch ok), then take your top put it on the plastic cup so tat the green leaves are holding the white base in the cup, then add water till it touches the white base.... you need to check every 2 days to make sure the water is touching the white base.... roots will start showing soon, but wait till they are at least 1 inch toput it in a substrate.

When leaves are brown the plant is in nee of nutrients. Remember that pineapples get more nutrients from the leaves than from the roots, so foliar spray is more imp than watering the pot. They love compost tea!

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Brownish red dots might be a pest. Can you get any sort of magnifying glass or hand lens and look a bit closer?

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