Spider ID

Skokie, IL

What Kind of Spider is this? Also what can you tell me about them.

I live in Northern Illinois near Chicago in a house.
This is not the first one, this one was found in the recently finished basement bathtub around 7pm.
I've had an professional "Terminix" exterminator out twice.

Thanks for any help

Thumbnail by joecjr
Minot, ND

It's a male spider, and judging from the spinnerets, likely a harmless grass spider. Spiders such as these often wander indoors, but are not dangerous. You are wasting your money calling in an exterminator.

Richmond Heights, MO

If these hop, we have them, too. I was told they can live in walls or in sewers as well as outside. They have many nicknames, including "cave crickets" and are harmless. My cats love to play with them. I was unhappy the previous owner did not tell us about the infestation before we bought our house. But I eventually got rid of them by catching them and putting them outside. I also covered all of the drains in the basement and made sure the bottoms of the doors were well sealed because I was told they could come in through drains (rumor?) and from under doors. I think that is probably what we need to do for all spiders.

(Zone 7a)

I have never heard of a spider called a cricket before. The only 'cave cricket' I know is the Camel Cricket which are in a different Family altogether.

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