Texas Rain

(Tammie) Odessa, TX(Zone 7b)

Well, it has been raining here in West Texas for over 36 hours now and I can't believe I am saying this but I think I have just about had enough for the moment. I just emptied my rain gage since it was over flowing! It was above the 5 inch mark I guess about 5 1/4 inches and still raining.. It is a good thing that the rain has mostly been steady and slow with moderate flooding of the streets. Most is soaking in or running off into the places it is supposed to go. I don't know about other places in the area but just drove the 3 miles from my parents house and did not have any unusual difficulties other than some regular heavy water in the usual spots. My yard looks like a swamp and I can see the water standing in the parks and lots everywere. I am sure if anyone tried to walk they would sink into the ground a bit like a mild swamp unitl it has a little time to dry after the rains leave. I am just hoping some of this is helping our lakes. I have lived here since the 70's and don't remember having this much rain at one time.

Careful what you wish for!

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Goldthwaite, TX(Zone 8a)

Here in northern mills county, we have had 3 inches, and are proud of every drop! We might even get a small cutting of hay if it does not cool off to quickly. Coastal Bermuda shuts down its growth when the soil temps drop below 60 degrees F.

(Tammie) Odessa, TX(Zone 7b)

Congratulations on your share of the rain. It looks like the entire state of Texas has or is getting a good soaking. We are starting to dry out today. I got another 1/4 inch before it finally gave up and moved out. The ground is like foam when walking on it... strange feeling. Just a few days ago it felt like cement. I can't wait to see how things green up when the sun comes out... still dark and gray today.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Sooo happy west Texas is getting some much-needed rain! We've picked up about 3" since Fri evening. Love it!

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(Tammie) Odessa, TX(Zone 7b)

The sun is out today.. finally. I got a glimpse of sunshine yesterday but that was all. It really is a welcome sight today. I am sure the humidity is going to be fun to deal with for a while... bring on the green growth!

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

3.75" here over the weekend and tickled to death!

(Tammie) Odessa, TX(Zone 7b)

It is amazing how quickly things start turning green after the rain. We are drying out nicely now and the sun is beautiful. Texas is surely sparkling today after all the rain.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

It really is! Things have really perked up in my gardens today. I love it!!

Rowlett, TX(Zone 8a)

It was incredible to look at the radar on Saturday and see the entire western part of the state covered in green and headed towards the Dallas area. I got just over 3" all told and my lawn/plants enjoyed every drop. Fall has arrived!


(Tammie) Odessa, TX(Zone 7b)

At one point I looked at the radar and the entire state was covered except El Paso, some of the border east of that area and the tip of the panhandle. It was BEAUTIFUL! LOL

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