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tavira, Portugal

I am just trying this out as I am having problems formatting my messages. They look fine when I write them, but seem to slide all over the place when I post them. I wonder if this is because I usually choose when to start a new line myself, rather than letting the computer decide on my behalf.
I am therefore writing this post to the end of the page, then will write another one as I normally do.
I hope no-one is reading this rubbish, but it is quite hard to think of something to say!
Best wishes to you all from Portugal,
Regards, Me.

tavira, Portugal

Hi Everyone. I am writing a load of old rubbish to try and find out why my posts are not
being formatted properly, like the above post.
They tend to slide around all over the place, which is very annoying.
Please do not read any of this, but I am hopeful that the problem may be because I do not write to the end of the line.
All will shortly be revealed, Me.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Testing, testing. Making sure that text is formatting properly.

Creating new lines and paragraphs to see if the system recognizes my line breaks and spaces.
Testing testing

Checking for proper paragraph breaks.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

blah blah blah and this is
some more test lets see if this works

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