CLOSED: Need IDs for 2 worms/caterpillars

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

I need IDs for 2 worms/caterpillars.

1) I am always finding these orange worm-like things in my gardens when I am planting something. (Pic 1) Anyone know what they are and if they are good or bad?

2) Within the last month, I have noticed a lot of these brown/white caterpillars in the dirt (Pic 2). Usually when I am watering a plants, I will see them start crawling away from the water. If touched by anything, they curl up as seen in the 3rd picture below. Anyone know what they are and whether or not they are good or bad?


Thumbnail by SavvyDaze Thumbnail by SavvyDaze Thumbnail by SavvyDaze
Minot, ND

The first one looks like a wireworm (larva of a click beetle), some of these can be garden pests. The others are millipedes; most of these are harmless scavengers, but a few can damage tender plants. Look up "garden millipede".

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Thank you, Flapdoodle! After looking up both wireworm, click beetle, and garden millipede, I now know these are exactly what I have around my gardens.

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