Sap sucking larvee

Chandler, AZ

Lately, I've been finding the slender growing ends of some trees infested with tiny sap sucking larvae, and they look a lot like a fungus gnat larva, except their bodies seem much tougher and harder to squish. The first sign of infestation are a series of pin-prick holes up the side of a branch. As the larvae grow, the holes take on a feathered appearance. I'm not sure if they are breathing through them or not.

I'm in Chandler, Az; and I've found them on my young mesquite trees and on some palo verdies. What could these uggies be, and how can I either kill or prevent them. They don't respond to the application of an organic label pest spay, nor a spraying with a fly-spray. So how can I kill them off to prevent spreading? Or is there a way to prevent infestation?


Minot, ND

Can you please provide an image?

Chandler, AZ

I'd take a photo, but with a 2 mp camera on my cell, you'd just see a blurry branch. The difference between these larvae and a fungus gnat larvae, these guys are slightly more pointy on the ends. They burrow in at an angle, and all lined up, like they are parking in a lot. I've seen an adult bug perched near the end of a growth tip, it was about 1/3 inch long, bright green, and rather triangular in shape.

Hopes this helps.

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