Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. The first of the new month so here we are back near the road.
I hope you can all smell the delicious Jasmine flowering now.

we came from here..

♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLEEN ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩
I hope everyone can find us as we are sharing some yummy birthday cake with Charleen today.
Thats if Charley and T Bo dont get to it first.

I had better go make sure the door is closed .

Its a dull morning here again but hopefully we may see the sun later.
Old Sun is very lazy here at the moment.
He doesnt get out of bed until after lunch so not much time to enjoy the warmth.
All very well for him to be wrapped up in his cloud blanket, but my plants need him shining.

I hope everyone had a great weekend . Sounds like Teresa and Al did anyway.

Anthony, what did you get up too down there ?

Dianne, I have my lovely wisteria coming out .
I must get out this morning to get a few flower pics. I grew the wisteria from seed and have one plant as bonsai and the other in the garden as a standard.

I had a flower this year on my bonsai nectarine. It is inside the shadehouse so wont get pollinated .
It is the first time it has flowered since I did it about 6 years ago.

The Trash & Treasure is getting closer. Only a few weeks to go.
I am lucky this year as a lot of the plants are going to have flowers . Usually its either too late or too early for them.

I hope to sell them all and have pocket money to buy more...lol

Better move myself and get the camera out for those flower pics .
Just in case I miss tomorrow . ... ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ Happy Birthday also for Chrissy for tomorrow ....♫ ♬ ♪ ♩

I am off outside now. I must have woken the sun up, he is starting to peep through his cloud blanket.

Happy day all
Keep safe

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Brisbane, Australia

Happy Birthday Charleen. I do hope you have a wonderful day. Tried to upload a pic, but it didn't work.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Well...looks like birthday wishes are in store for Charleen and Chrissy both.

Best wishes for a happy, sunny day with lots of laughter and good cheer.....and CAKE....both chocolate...one fancy and one decadent....GRIN

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

What a beautiful Cake. yes, Please don't let Charley or T Bo see that cake they will want to eat it all. They are such greedy babies. I have them both rotten. Hope Charley is under his carport, it is raining. The dogs didn't want to go out but we got them out and in and none of them melted away...
Oooooo!!!!Yummy! i am going to gain weight just from looking at these beautiful cakes. Charley and TBo can't eat Chocolate

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Merino, Australia

Charleen, love the little dogs & cat. . Is that Cheeky Charley there ?
I wont want any lunch with all these delicious cakes..yummmm

The sun is out here, I hope its out for everyone else too.
Enjoy the day.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Happy Birthday Charleen and many, many more to come....
Beautiful cakes Moon, I'll have a taste of each.....

These are 2 of my favourite Azaleas....Anna Kehr and Ray's fave Jezebel.....
Though with Alba Magnifica being perfumed as well as a rapid grower...it would have to go on the favourite's list....

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Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone ...looks like everyone has enjoyed their day.
Our long weekend just flew by in no time flat. So much to do ...

What lovely pictures and comments ...the Wisteria and Mandarin, Jasmine and Manure scent the air ^_^

Ahhh Spring fragrance is all around.

Love the Autumn too Charleen Moon and Al ...hope you are enjoying yours too.

Must get dinner ready ...
Enjoy your evening everyone !


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Happy birthday 'Charleys mum' and Cocky said to say 'what are you doin' you silly old bugger'- with a 'eh?' on the end

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Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Have a great birthday Charleen! Hope you don't get a birthday kick from ole' Charley, could be painful.

Howcom I didn't know about this two days ago when all the Aussies did? Must have something to do with the time zone difference. Anyway, have a Happy one!


Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

They are a day ahead of us Al. Isn't it wonderful???
Hello cocky, Charley was wondering how you were doing and When are we going on another cyber trip. He missed you sitting on his head as navigator.....

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Still in grey days here. I wonder where Spring went. It popped in for a day or two then ran off.
The way the weather is changing by the hour here, I would not be surprised to see Summer stick his big head in all too soon.

I weeded a bit yesterday and sorted the zygo house . I have sold a few so now have room to put the cold brugs in there for summer.
I also pulled out a lot of violets which seem to go mad here. I needed more space and air around my hippie pots so now I will have to watch those sneaky violets dont take over again..

Hello Al. I always forget you are behind us over there and put up birthdays etc a day early.
Never mind, it gives us all more time to eat all the cake.

Charleen, we may have to come and visit you again to see T Bo in person for a cuddle .
I donr know about Cocky, he can be a bit bossy.
Anthony will have to teach him not to bite poor Tilly when Dianne brings her along.
I'll have to see what Carpet is doing . I havent seen him lately.
I have a feeling he has wandered off to see rellies in Egypt or somewhere.

Hello Anthony, Cocky is certainly looking very well. You really spoil him .
Hope you are being surrounded in lovely lilium plants.
Looking forward to seeing you win lots of prizes again this season.

Chrissy, one of the best things about this time of year is the scent which floats around the garden.
The tiny alyssum flowers are so l sweet when massed together. The scent drifts around everywhere.
Now I await Jasmine to do her thing .

Dianne, I am coming down to "borrow "your azaleas.
I am going to try again this year with them.
I will only use rain water on them and see how they do.

Hello Moon, Kare, Teresa and everyone popping in for a cuppa.

Hers your treat for morning tea. ...Baklava..

A sweet nibble as a change from all that birthday cake we have just consumed..
Happy day and keep safe.

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Brisbane, Australia

Happy Birthday to Chrissy. Hope you have a beautiful day.


barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Happy birthday Chrissy. I missed Charleen's yesterday but really it is today so Happy birthday Charleen. I missed out on all the cake, I think Charlie and his friends made sure that they cleaned it all up. If they were "cream" cakes we would have known who did that. The weather is really strange over here. One minute you have a T-shirt on and the next you have a jumper on again. No rain as such though. When John came up last time, he brought up a desk for the boys. Well, Cameren has claimed it as his and you should see him with it. It's out here in the living area and he has his pencils and textas etc all lined up and his set of plastic drawers that have all the craft stuff in is right at hand. It keeps him amused for hours. The yellow Clivia is putting on a lovely show this year. It has 3 huge flower heads this year. The buds on the flavas are slowly growing. Can't wait to see what we get. The special one of Brian's Golden Memories has been cut up and is now starting to send out little leaves so, Chrissy and Shaun, Shouldn't be too much longer til I get your pieces off to you. It will be lovely if it always has 6-sided flowers. Happy gardening everyone and I'll catch up again soon. Colleen

Sydney, Australia

Good morning everyone and thankyou ...truth is I don't count my birthday much any more (not since the 60 th).

Another lovely Spring day ahead. I have things to attend to but will pop back later for a chat ... I hope you all have a wonderful day/night ^_^

thanks again for the yummy cakes !
For you all ❤♫❤♫❤.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•.♫❤♫
░❤________/)______./¯"""/') ❤░✿✿°☆ . ¸. *


Merino, Australia

Just as well I said Happy Birthday yesterday to Chrissy while I was putting out Charleens birhtday cake.
I just forgot this morning so.........

♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ☆ ✮ ✯ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISSY ☆ ✮ ✯ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩

More cake for us all to munch into...

Colleen, my flavas are looking good so I hope they all flower next year.

Yes , I thought of Brian when I put the cream on the cakes...lol


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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Today is looking to be another beautiful Spring day like yesterday.
No wind and lots of sun. So nice to be out & about.

I planted a few brugs into the ground and repotted some. Now there is lots of room for the new babies when they grow.
I really must get out today and take some flower pics. I have some gorgeous bluebells this year.
Not blue, more of a lilac . My wisteria surprised me with the amount of flowers on such a small plant. Its only 5
high but I must get a stronger pole in before it gets too much bigger.

My beans are all doing well and I can see that lots will be going in the freezer.

I am waiting on the ground to warm a little so I can get the pumpkins in..

Hello Al, Charleen and Moon. Thanks for sending some sun over . I hope you are all not feeling too cold just yet and enjoying your Fall.

Hello Teresa, Dianne, Karen , Anthony, Colleen and Chrisssy.
Lots of garden things going on in all your gardens now that Spring has properly arrived.

I am off to enjoy the day as I potter a round removing any weeds not caught by the Roundup.

Heres something nice to enjoy with your morning cuppa...Chocolate Coconut Slice

Happy day. stay safe

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Merino, Australia

Just been out enjoying the Spring sunshine and took a few flower pics.

pic..1 one of my dendrobium orchids. .. tag says King Orchid.
pic 2 cymbidium.. Carisan Firedance
pic..3 daisie & wallflowers
pic..4 lilac bluebells.
pic. 5 orange clivias


Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Merino, Australia

Couple more...

pic...6 yellow clivia
pic ..7 wisteria
pic ..8 one of the many large clumps of echium ..Pride of Madeira
pic ..9 ever flowering alogyne.


Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

Just got home a little while ago ...wow Jean, I remember when we first began talking about our gardens years ago, and you and most of us complained our orchids would not bloom no matter what. They sure are blooming for you now aren't they ?

What a treat to look around your garden. It's a real Spring Garden !
Lovely yellow Clivia wow !

My Hippies are all out.

Bye for now ...enjoy your evening everyone !


Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

What a beautiful Spring, you all are having. so glad it is warming up a bit. It is cooling and so comfortably wonderful.
T Bo laying here at my feet. Hubby said I was "protecting him while he slept" I put my foot on him and he is just as contented as can be. My baby is up to 22 lbs. He is growing. I'll try to get you some pictures of him. Want to take camera and go for a walk, so I'll be sure and take one of him. Sometimes he gets the hiccups. I tell him "he is growing with each hic cup...
Want to take some pictures of some baby trolls I've been working on.
Happy Birthday Chrissy, hope your day was wonderful.
Yep, Charley ready for a carpet ride.
Hugs and nuzzles to all....

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Off to Hamilton this morning so I am rushing in to put out the morning tea nibbles then off . Its the day for my annual hearing aid checkup.

We will have a nice lunch out so nothing will get done in the garden until late afternoon.

Hello to everyone looking in.

Charleen, I have left a message in Carpets cupboard, If he ever gets back from where ever he is , we'll have a nice trip somewhere.

Enjoy the lovely weather and stay safe .

Heres something nice for you all ........Apple and Blueberry Shortcake.

Happy day

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barmera, Australia

mmmm yum Jean don't forget the cream. Good morning everyone. Looks as though it is going to be another lovely day. Hippys already Chrissy. Our's over here don't usually flower til Christmas or there abouts. The Epis are going to be a bit earlier this year I think. Oh what a show they are going to be. I think that I will have to get some shade of sorts over them though. They are outside now and will get a fair amount of afternoon sun. Have been madly potting baby brugs. The boys go and get the potting soil out of the trailer and fetch it to the potting bench and then after they are potted they move them for me. They planted some snow peas the other day,again. The chooks love them, but we've put some protection around them and hopefully they wont jump over the top this time. Might go and get some corn plants this morning and give them another try too. I don't have much luck with corn . It just doesn't want to grow but my son said to make a furrow with a channel on either side and put the plants on the furrow and water them from both sides. We'll give them a try anyway. Must go, the boys are moving so the day has started. Colleen

Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone ...off to the Hospital, hubby might be allowed home tomorrow hopefully.
Enjoy your day ! 30C here expected.
Talk later. ^_^

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Oh my Chrissy. Good thoughts to you and your Hubby. I do hope he is home soonest. Best regards for a speedy recovery.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Morning everyone, rise and shine the kettle is on and Colleen is on milk duty, I hear Jean's footsteps on the path.
It's a beautiful morning and I've been on snail duty.....I think that I will have to get rid of the very large Flax in the bird and lizard garden......I don't think that there are any lizards big enough to eat them all, the snails I mean.
We can't get them out so one day when I'm flush, I'll get someone in to remove the 3 of them....

My Cantuas are flowering and I love them...they are so inconspicuous during the year and so beautiful in spring....the pics don't do them justice at all.
Colleen, persevere with the corn, the kids will love it, only problem will be stopping them eating it before it matures...it is delicious when it's small....would you like some of my snails for your chooks?
have a good day.

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. A beautiful warm day yesterday and looks like being the same again after the light fog completely lifts.

I moved a few more brugs yesterday afternoon.
Now the coldies are all in shade for summer.
I have also moved a few of the bromeliads that will be going to the Trash & Treasure.
Lots to do today and lots of time to do the jobs as Hubby is off for the day to SA for a meeting.
I wont have to get lunch or cups of tea so can just amble around doing bits here and there.

Chrissy, hope all is well with your hubby and that he recovers very quickly.

Moon hope all is well over your way and that you are getting some lovely Fall weather.

Colleen, the corn should do well for you there as it does like the warm.
I had lots growing when I lived a bit further north in the state.
Lovely to pick straight from the plant & microwave in the husks.

Hello Teresa, hope those spotty ones are on their best behavior.
Also hope you have had all your repairs finally done.

Al, are you busy in the garden now , getting things tucked away for the winter ?
I hope you will be enjoying the fruits of your vegie garden right through winter.

Hello Charleen, I thought of you and Charley yesterday when we saw a little donkey in the paddock on the way to Hamilton.
So cute. .
I didnt see Charley around this morning. He must be off getting into mischief somewhere..

Dianne, your flowers are so pretty. I am slow this morning as I amble along enjoying all the pretty birds flying around out Tea Room gardens.

Hello to everyone else popping in. I am off outside to enjoy the sun.

Heres your morning tea nibbles. .......Chocolate Mint Brownies

Enjoy and stay safe

Thumbnail by 77sunset
barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Sorry I'm running a bit late with the milk. I had to milk the cow first. I have enough snails of my own thanks Dianne. I'm hoping that the Sleepy Lizard will eat some of them. Probably wont put a dent in them though. When I put the sprinklers on, especially out the front, they come from everywhere. The gardener's lot. Only a few more baby brugs to get potted up now. It was quite hot here yesterday so didn't get too much done outside, other than watering. The buds on the Arborea X Sanguinea are slowly getting bigger. I'm like a Mother Hen out there checking. Oh I do hope that we get something special. Well must go and get this garden bed ready for the corn. Everyone have a great day and Chrissy I do hope that hubby is feeling a lot better. Colleen

Sydney, Australia

He is back in Hospital for a second operation everyone.

Thankyou all for your kind thoughts.

I have been instructed to stay home due to the Fire threat here. Must water all around the home.
We have experienced 34C severe winds today and everything is very very dry.
Being at the end of the water line, we lose water during fires because the Fire Engines are filled from all the Hydrants, ours being the last, it leaves no pressure.In the 2001 fires there was no water for 4 days and only a dribble for two weeks.Our dam was emptied by those special water carrying helicopters, so we had nothing to fight fire with. So we must keep the grounds near the home damp as possible, it only takes one cigarette to land somewhere in these conditions and well you know the rest.

I don't like being a wet blanket, so I might be scarce until I can come in with a happy face ^_^


Newcastle(NSW), Australia(Zone 10a)

I have this very loud insect in the Photinia hedge about 4 metres from my back door. Every time I go out to find it, dead silence ensues. Its sounds like, and maybe is, a cicada, but it's a bit early for them. The sound is like someone running their thumbnail up and down a plastic hair comb; with first a long and then a short Zzzztt! It sounds a bit like "zzzheep-dip"! Just the 2 syllables a few seconds apart. There is a very small black cicada like insect that likes to get on my clothes line and make a much softer, but similar, noise, but I think it arrives later in Summer.

Any clues?

Christchurch, New Zealand

Jean - the repairs aren't done yet... our chimney is still waiting.
Two winters, 3 snow storms & no pellet fire.

At least summer is nearly here.

I took some lettuce seedlings in to work, they were enthusiastically received might dig up some more for the rest of the crew.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Gabi-zzzheep- dip,.,.,.Im leaving this one to the experts.,I was thinking about one of the creatures from the planet 'zoid', from the muppet show, but surely they are extinct by now!,..

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
We had some nice light rain during the night. It will be just the thing to settle all the plants in that I repotted yesterday.
I also dont have to water the vegie garden , which was going to be my first morning job.
I have spotted the first spider mites on my brugs, so spraying is now on the list of weekly jobs through Spring/ Summer.

Gabi65, I love the Summer sound of cicadas, but I know in some places it can be deafening.
Dont know what your little creature is but sounds like a cicada.
We dont have many here and they are rarely heard.
I grew up with the sound of them all Summer and it does take me back when I hear them.

Teresa, you are certainly having problems with getting your house finally done. I do hope you get the chimney done before next winter.
Give Sugar and Copper a pat for me. Hope Sugar has not been naughty for awhile.

Anthony, you make a good cicada....lol
Talking of alien creatures, I have been looking at the end of each episode of Dr Who as I wait for Star Trek to come on.
Some weird creatures there, let me tell you.
It all seems so silly now as Sci Fi has really gone ahead with more realistic aliens.
I used to watch the show when it was on way back when because there was nothing much in Sci Fi .
I laugh at it now..
How are your liliums going ?
Mine are growing steadily and I am hoping for lots of flowers .

Chrissy, hope your hubby is feeling much better. I hope the fire danger has eased for you with some cooler weather. I think we are all in for a very dry season which will be an anxious one as the long grass dries off everywhere.

Dianne, I have lots of ranuncs & anemones flowering now. Spring has plopped itself down in my garden.
I have bulbs such as the lilac & pink bluebells that I havent seen for years. The alstromerias are flowing and I really should get out and tie them all up but they look so pretty falling around .
I am going to add a few more small lavenders as they too look very pretty. I love the little bunny ears on them .

Colleen, good luck with your pod on that brug. Mine are growing well but the warm weather is going to slow them down now.

Hello Karen, Al, Moon and Charleen. Hope all is well at all your places.

I am going out to check on my repotted plants . Two are large and I dont want them falling over. Luckily there is no wind.

Have a great day and and enjoy this..... Almond and Strawberry Cake.....

Happy day

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone ...yes thank goodness the day is starting much cooler and spitting little rain drops right now, whew !

looks like everyone has some dramas going on ...strange noises in the garden ? I wonder what it might be ?
I have heard some odd new frogs calls ...one sounding like a rusty gate being forced open. Love it when the frogs start up.

So despite this grey day I found the Hippies still in reasonable shape after all that hot wind ...such a happy bulb ^_^
These ones have multiplied like mad and pop up everywhere.

I hope everyone has a lovely day.


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Christchurch, New Zealand

lovely morning, dogs haven't adjusted to daylight saving time so I got to sleep in.
Weather was predicted to be nasty but I put my towels out on the line & got them dry before it changed.
Also cut back the foliage overhanging the front wall & filled the green bin.
Hubby brought lunch home, pizza roll & a custard scroll from Baker's Delight, yummy!
I have vacuumed in the hall & bedrooms, a bit scary that it needed to be emptied twice.
Mind you I did a very thorough job in the the dogs room & the Dyson picks up so much dust & hair that I guess it wasn't surprising.
I have the lounge to do later, sprayed some carpet cleaner around & it needs 2 or 3 hours before being vacuumed up.
So that leaves me some spare time - hmmm what to do with it... & that is why I am online now :)
Sugar was funny last night she had her chew bone on the couch & rolled onto Baz. He was rubbing her tummy while she chewed upside down... how could I resist taking photos!

Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre
barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Another fine morning with a little rain first thing this morning. Teresa, Sugar looks like she's in her element. Lovely hippies Chrissy. Mine haven't even got any buds at the moment. RFP is as beautiful as ever after Winter. She really is a beauty. Not much going on here today. Have to get the boys uniform ready for Monday and don't forget the clocks tonight. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

This is trio are the chickens that lay the colored eggs, Black one is little rooster...
My Confederate rose is finally blooming. Making up for last year. So pretty...
We are all well, supposed to be cold Sunday. Brrrrr!!!!!
You all have a great one. Charley and T Bo send you all nuzzles....

Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule
Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Brrrrrrrr...... Teresa, did you send that cold here ?
I was too early thinking Spring was here last week. Winter is still hanging around behind the bushes.
Showers all day yesterday and its still light rain out there. Only 6C.
Never mind, the plants are all enjoying the rain.

Charleen, I love poultry and used to have all sorts years ago, but nowhere to keep them here as Foxy Loxy likes them too.
Give TBo and Charley a cookie from the kitchen.

Teresa, Sugar looks so playful and innocent . How could you ever say she was naughty ?
Arent they all darlings when they want to be ? ....lol

Colleen, my winter hippie has finished and now I await the summer ones. No buds here either as yet.
I have a lot of seedling ones coming along well. Among the seedlings are some Papilios.

Dianne. you had better give Tilly a cookie too . I see her peeking around the corner there.
Hope your garden is full of beautiful flowers too.

Anthony, are you surrounded by giant liliums ?
I bet you have to use a map to get around them all...lol

Hello Moon and Al. hope you are still getting a bit of warm weather and not diving straight in to the cold.

Hello Chrissy, hope hubby is coming along much better now.
Keep your spirits up as he will rely on you when he is home.

Hello Karen
hope all is well for you .

Hello everyone else coming in for a cuppa.

I am going to sit here by the heater . Nothing to be done outside.

Enjoy this .......Chocolate Layer Cake.

Happy day and keep warm

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone ...I hope everyone is enjoying your day.
Sunny but cool here after a lot of wind and rain last night,

Not very chatty sorry (feeling a bit sick on the tummy awaiting the Doctor's report re the second op) tomorrow,
Can't really talk to my fella because he is quite heavily medicated and making not much sense.
Difficult to concentrate on anything much right now, so just popped in to say hello and wishing you all fair weather and happy gardening.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

I purchased a 'white Haemanthus'[white ox tongue] today,.In all truth, I didnt even realise they existed,...$3,.I dont think you can go wrong for 3 bucks, especially if you 'never' see them for sale..The Gentleman that sold it to me, has realised, Its nearly curtains for him, and he said I would be a responsible person to sell it to,.You betcha, Hedley, my man!!!..This baby aint going anywhere+ he was a good friend of Fays, and laughed ,when I told him I had inherited 'Cocky',.Hedley is a brilliant man, a seed lilium breeder and an absolute 'dictionary' regarding plants and their characteristics.,I told him to let me know if he has any brilliant lilies for the show, as I would arrange for him to be picked up[as he is not allowed to drive anymore],.,.Off to the docs tomorrow-Hopefully for some response on all the tests of the 'type 2'I havnt felt well for many weeks, so hopefully this will be an answer,.................21 st lilium show this January.,Its going to be a BIG one, very much planned and Rod has a monster party planned for the Saturday night.,[God help us],.Anyway, life goes on-Anthony

Merino, Australia

Anthony, I sold two white haemanthus last year. I bought them but was disappointed in the flowers. I have the usual red /orange here which I tend to neglect.
I just found the remnants yesterday ,of the last white one that I thought had died. It is shooting new little leaves.
I may keep it as it looks so cute and small at the moment.
That was good luck getting one as they are hard to come by.
i hope all your tests go well for you.
time this person went to bed.
See everyone tomorrow. Hopefully a warmer day.

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