Merrimac, VA

so Im very new to gardening and i tryin to start a indoor assortment of a few plants. I planted some portulaca seeds and a few of them have survived but they seem to not be going anywhere. here are some pictures of the little sprouts, do they look good and healthy?

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Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

They look healthy but appear to be a little leggy. What kind of light do you have them in?

Merrimac, VA

i have a 125 Watt CFL a few inches from them. Waiting on fixture piece to come in mail so I can finish grow light. They have looked like this for the past 3 weeks. Just not making any progress. Not to concerned. I'm just playing around with a few seeds. Seeing what I can get to thrive indoors. Its seems that i can keep already established plants(aster & mini adam) fairly well but seeds are a little tricky for me.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Portulaca is not a houseplant--so maybe that is not a great expectation from you to have these in the house.

Portulaca (aka: Spanish Moss Rose) is a full sun biennial outside. Its seeds are close to dust-size.
Outside--it self-seeds and will come up, on its own, in the pot or bed you grew them in the following season.

It is OK to experiment with seeds--but this time of year--you would do better Winter sowing these--
as most biennials NEED striation--that is a cold period for the seeds to germinate--aka--a "winter".
A fridge can substitute for a winter--put your seeds in a paper envelope (NOT plastic) and put them in the
fridge for about 3 months. THEN sow the seeds and grow them out under your lights.

There have been good Articles written here on Winter Sowing by Jill ("criterilogist"). Look these up.

Hope this helps--I am sure others will have good advice for you as well.


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