Will Chicken Wire Support Lonicera Sempervirens?

Maynard, MA


I've just planted my first 2 honeysuckle vines in front of a tall, wide cedar fence. If I put chicken wire a few inches in front of the fence for the plants to climb on, will that work? Will it be ugly or will the plants eventually cover the wire enough that you don't really see it?

(I'm trying to avoid spending money on a prettier trellis. And, because of health problems, I don't feel up to making anything with wood.)

Your feedback would be much appreciated!


Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

No, it will become too large a vine and bring the flimsy chicken wire to the ground in short order. You can buy cattle fencing, available really cheaply at Home Depot, in the concrete section of the store - they use in under concrete to keep it from moving around. this wire mesh can be shaped easily - check it out.

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