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What do you think of Cupid?

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

This weekend I went to a Farmers Market. One of the growers raved about Cupid grape tomatoes. He said he's tried other varieties and gone back to this one. They are easy to grow and extremely prolific over a long season. I tasted one, then bought the box. It was delicious. Does anyone here have experience with it?


Salem, NY(Zone 4b)


Never heard of it so I had to Google it and it's yet another red hybrid grape tomato. I don't believe much that Park Seed and Reimers say about anything but there are some good places in that general Google search I linked to if anyone wants to buy seeds.

I wonder if anyone has compared Cupid F1 with Smarty F1?

I guess what I'm saying above is if a hybrid is a good one I expect to find it for sale at the better places where hybrids are sold, which would include TGS, Stokes, Totally Tomatoes , Johnny's, Territorial and the like, even Pinetree seeds.

Right now I don't even rememeb if any of those were linked to in the Google search although I think TT might have been,


(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Thanks! I appreciate your experienced and knowledgable comments.

TT's description is repeated almost verbatim on a couple of other sites. Does this come from some central source? Who's lifting from whom? Seems very odd...


Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Pam, the central source for blurbs for hybrids comes from the company that bred the variety and distributes it to those who will sell the seeds commercially.

The description below is from the NCSU Cultivar list which gives you the basics, but Seminis/Petoseed would write a blurb for those offering it commercially

Cupid (PS 01502036) - Breeder and vendor: Seminis Vegetable Seeds-Petoseed. Parentage: F1 hybrid. Characteristics: fresh market type; indeterminate vine; vigorous vine; big cherry with Saladette shape; small oval fruit size of grape type; cluster sets; high sugar content (8.2 brix). Resistance: Fusarium wilt race 1, 2; Alternaria stem canker; bacterial speck race 0; gray leaf spot. Similar: Santa. Adaptation: NAFTA. 2003.

And this is terribly off topic but I can't help myself. I buy the great cookies and bars, etc., that Matthews 1812 House offers and they are in Cornwell Bridge as well. Their prices are high but the quality is superb.

Do you know them?


(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

My garden is actually in Warren, but the post code is Cornwall Bridge. I'm not familiar with the goodies -I'll have to check them out!

Here's the description from TT, and Reimer's is almost exactly the same.

(FASt) There are a lot of good grape tomatoes on the market, but Cupid advances to the next level in the areas of quality, flavor, yields and holding ability. Meaty bright red fruits are nearly as firm as Roma types and are quite crack resistant. Vigorous plants set loads of fruits in long trusses for a long season that begins early, and due to a very high level of disease resistance, continues right up until frost.


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