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Chino Valley, AZ

First time gardener, I wanted tomatoes, cucumbers a few zucchini. But what I really longed for was spaghetti squash. I love it and had stopped buying it when it was $6-8 per squash. I really hoped I would get 3-5 squash. Oh my. I planted some seeds and worried over them. Nothing seemed to happen. So I bought some seedlings. Then the agricultural department at our community college had a plant sale: $1 per plant, even when it was a pack of 6 seedlings. So I bought a six-pack, and planted everything. Fast forward 2 months. Plants were growing, but I couldn't exactly remember where I had put which plants (OK now I know to write it down). I did not know what the developing fruit looked like. I had planted some lemon cucumbers and was excited to have a developing cucumber, but was it? I spent some weeks being very puzzled. Then it began to dawn on me that I was getting some squash. But some of them did not look right. Fast forward. That six-pack I bought at the community college had 5 spaghetti and ONE PUMPKIN! And, as I then learned, they can cross pollinate. My hope for a few spaghetti squash turned into OVER 50, many of them cross-breeds, and one pumpkin!

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Virginia Beach, VA

Wow!!! What are you going to do with them?Some of those squash looks edible.


Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Besides pushing plastic labels into the soil for each row, I try to remember to make a "map".

The lables may fade or get lost due to hoeing, but the mapp is forever ... until you lose it!

I make labels from plastic mini-blinds. One broken or old mini-blind gives enough labels for years of gardening. I write on them with a penciol (thich mechanical pencil). Some use paint pens. Magic Markers fade.

You can protect the markers from hoeing and digging animals by punching a hole in each, an d tieing them with string to adult plants.

Orlando, FL

That sounds like a very educational garden. I am going to make a wish, for my fall garden. Lots of food to share in a neighborhood with several elderly....looks like you did pretty well

Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

I grew spaghetti squash last year from seed and trained them up a trellis to save room. I didn't get as many as you... but they were beautiful! I froze some and they still kept that nice crunch. I always put my garden plan down on paper. It's nice to refer back to the dates, etc.

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Vacaville, CA

Yes, they can cross pollinate, but it won't be in this years harvest. If you save those seeds from this years fruit and plant it next year, then you will get a hybrid fruit.

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Everything in your pile of fruit in the picture is not spaghetti squash. Some on the top row are lemon cucumbers, mature. Spaghetti squash comes in two varieties, plain yellow & a hybrid called stripetti. They have stripes on them. That's what the green looking ones probably are.

Flagler Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

LOL, I wish I had that luck ! Great first time planting! My cuke's and all my squash bit the dust, I had a few of each, than all my plants got a white powdery mildew on them, and started getting rotten on the ends of the fruit very early on, so i gave up. I think I planted to close to each other and not enough room to breath, the cukes were far away from the squash, all plants were in bucket containers, as that was what I had room for. I'm going to try again, but we're waiting to move before I start another garden.
BTW, all my seeds came from the seed rack at Lowes! Maybe that was my biggest mistake!

Here are a few picture's of things that did grow, the moldy leaves, egg plant, and a cucumber plant that was starting to go bad from something, Plus a picture of a 2 different types of cucumbers, I think one was an organic, and the other regular, plus a tomato is hidden in the picture. I got rid of the seed packets as I won't be buying from Lowes anymore, otherwise I could tell you what types of seed I used !

I edited to add a note on the picture's description, I couldn't see the picture's clearly till I posted them.

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